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  • Students doing environmental work

    Building real skills to make real change.

    See President’s Society Environment students’ work in action.

  • LaGuardia Community Greenway Mission Statement

    The LaGuardia Community Greenway is a vision to create a new open space for Long Island City, and LaGuardia’s 33,000 students and faculty created by the President’s Society Environment Program.

    We envision reclaiming public streets to create a space that is sustainable and positively impacts the physical and mental health of the community and environment. We aim to achieve this goal by closing 29th Street from Skillman Avenue to 47th Avenue, creating a public open space, with trees, and paths for pollinators, scenic surroundings, and places to rest. Turning a portion of 30th Street between Thomson Avenue and 47th Avenue into a street which is shared with pedestrians, vendors, and light vehicle traffic will help meet the demand for open space in the community and alleviate pedestrian congestion on Thomson Ave. Public water access is crucial to our plans for 29th Street adjacent to 47th Avenue, because it provides hands-on opportunities for community involvement in efforts to restore the Creek and wetlands.

    Together, LaGuardia Community College and the local community will work to reclaim the public streets to create an urban sanctuary that gives people mental and physical respite, and an opportunity to reflect on how we should engage with our environment. It is our goal to ensure a sustainable future and we believe that we can make history and enhance the campus life for generations to come.

    Watch the video to learn more about the LaGuardia Community Greenway vision plan

  • PSE students designed preliminary sketches of the vision plan

    In year two, students designed preliminary images of the LaGuardia Community Greenway vision plan to include multi-use open spaces, water access for recreational and educational purposes, and natural elements that are accessible to students and community members alike. Students in year three will focus on building upon the initial vision plan and implementation of the project.

    The LaGuardia Greenway Design
    29th St Shared Street, Gardens, and Water Access
    LaGuardia Greenway: Concensus Design Map

    Sign the LaGuardia Community Greenway Petition!

    Support LaGuardia students and LIC community members in reclaiming and revitalizing the future generation's natural surroundings. We ask that you publicly support this vision plan by clicking the link below. Thank you.