• Project DIVE (Diversity, Inclusion, and Valuing Equity)

    Project DIVE provides programs, services, learning experiences, and opportunities that celebrate diversity and promote greater inclusion and equity for all members of the LaGuardia community. Project DIVE strives to foster a more inclusive and culturally competent campus environment where students feel a strong sense of belonging and where their similarities and differences of identity and experience are acknowledged, understood, valued, and celebrated.

    Through collaboration with various college departments and students, we provide experiential learning activities and services that educate and empower students, faculty, and staff. Project DIVE seeks to explore the complex intersection of our social identities such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and spiritual diversity.

    Featured Initiatives

  • Affinity Celebrations
    Project DIVE is committed to promoting an inclusive university environment by acting as an educational resource that prepares students to succeed in a heterogeneous and constantly evolving society. During the academic year, Project DIVE in collaboration with various departments and student groups will promote a variety of programs that will celebrate our diverse community.

    At LaGuardia, we have a unique academic calendar and would like to make sure that all affinity months are celebrated during those respective months, but we would also like to extend beyond those months in order to provide these programs when we have larger groups of students and faculty on campus.

  • Virtual Support Circles
    Support circles bring together students with similar concerns to connect and explore issues with guidance from peers and/or group facilitators. We invite you to join a virtual support circle based on your interests. View the schedule and topics below, and click to join a circle during the times listed.

    • Tuesdays – Immigration and Nationality – 3-4pm
    • Wednesdays – Racial/Ethnic Identity – 2-3pm; Gender and Sexual Identity – 3-4pm
    • Fridays – Pregnancy and Caregiving/Parenting – 1-2pm; First to Attend College – 2-3pm

  • United Wounds of America: Dialogues of Healing Series

    Project DIVE developed this dialogue series to educate, engage in dialogue, and advance towards social action. Each semester a Call for Proposals is sent out to the community to propose a dialogue on the many wounds affecting us in America. We invite submissions related to but not limited to the following theme(s):

    • Public health and race
    • Ableism and ability
    • Mental health and race
    • Neurodiversity
    • How to have difficult conversations
    • Racial injustice and the criminal justice system
    • Racial injustice and media
    • History of racial injustice
    • Incorporating inclusive and affirmative content into courses
    • Diversity – cross-cultural skills building
    • Diversity and cultural competence in Higher Education
    • Identifying and resolving unconscious bias
    • Benefits of cultural diversity
    • LGBTQIA+, positivity and inclusion in the workplace
    • Workplace gender diversity

  • Anti-Asian Violence Town Hall – Part One

    Anti-Asian Violence Town Hall – Part Two

    Health & Race in the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Vote 2020: Why this is the election of a lifetime

    Disorientation Guides: Student led guides for Campus Change

    Race Patriarchy and Mental Health

    Know Your Rights / Discussion of civil laws and citizens' rights

    A Mile in their Shoes: Project Empathy

    Public Health & Race - Student Resources During COVID

    Multicultural Issues in Academic Advising

    Public Health & Race

    The N-Word, Can I Say It?

    Community-Wide Conversation on Disability, Ableism and Access