• How Can We Strengthen the American Economy? Invest in Community Colleges.

    Vision_PictureThere's a growing movement among governors and mayors, along with business and community leaders, to invest in our nation's community colleges. President Obama's proposal for two-years of free community college for responsible students is historic, echoing the movement of the early 20th century, when a high school education became free and universal.    

    This is a pivotal moment. Read more about why there's a rising movement to invest in community colleges.

  • How Can We Improve Student Success? Take College Teaching Seriously.

    In all of the conversation about student success and college completion, there's one subject we haven't been talking about: college teaching. Quality teaching and professional development are woven through K-12 policy: better teachers = better outcomes.

  • Can college teaching be improved? If so, can it have an impact on student success?

    What if faculty––both full-time and adjunct––came together to connect, reflect and improve their teaching their own way? 

    Pedagogy Matters! We know that strong teaching leads to better learning. Over the last six years, we've dared to ask these questions, and Taking College Teaching Seriously was created to answer them.

  • Now's the Time to join a Growing Campaign for Free Community College!

    To find out how you can help make community college free in America, visit:
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    LaGuardia in the News 

    In a three-part series, The New York Times profiled LaGuardia Community College students, faculty and community supporters. Read about LaGuardia in The New York Times.

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    Media Appearances

    Dr. Gail O. Mellow is frequently sought as a commentator on community colleges and the changing landscape of American higher education. View recent media appearances.

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    Community College Initiatives

    Community colleges provide an accessible and affordable quality education, creating equity and growing the middle class. See what we at LaGuardia are thinking about right now.