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  • New Student Checklist

    Before the first day of classes, be sure to check these items off your to-do list.

    (Download a PDF version of the checklist)

  • ✓ Explore campus resources and activities. As a LaGuardian, you can access a number of support services, including LaGuardia CARES, and get involved in clubs/organizations and events on campus.

    ✓ Complete New Student Orientation to learn everything you need to know during your time at LaGuardia and beyond.

    ✓ Learn about online tools you’ll need to use at LaGuardia.

    ✓ Unlock your My LaGuardia page and student email. You'll get a personalized student page and email account one week after you register for classes. Access it daily to stay in the know on your academic status, information from professors and advising team, financial aid status, job and internship opportunities, emergency alerts and more.

    ✓ Pay your tuition bill or set up a payment plan. Avoid the risk of your classes being canceled. Review CUNYfirst to make sure your payment balance is less than $200. Note: If you have already enrolled in a tuition payment plan, then your classes are secured.

    ✓ Purchase your textbooks and supplies. You can buy textbooks and supplies at the College Bookstore. Note: Qualifying students may be able to use the leftover Pell Grant money to help pay for books.

    ✓ See the Student Code of Conduct,
    and watch the Know The Code video.

  • ✓ Review all posted policies regarding coming to LaGuardia’s campus, and see guidance from CUNY for the semester.

    ✓ Read the Netiquette Guide
    to understand the behavior expected of you in virtual classes and meetings as well as how to communicate more effectively online.

    ✓ Download the My LaGuardia mobile app. It’s free, and you can find it in Google Play or the App Store (search “LaGuardia”).

    ✓ Learn how to access your distance learning classes. If you’re enrolled in online or hybrid courses, find out how to access class, and be sure to check your student email and Blackboard for instructions from your professor.

    ✓ Review your class schedule on CUNYfirst. Check your schedule the night before or the morning of your classes, as details could change last-minute.

    ✓ Complete SPARC (Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course). Log into Blackboard to access the online training module that educates you about sexual misconduct, ways to prevent it and the College’s response to complaints. (Find it under “My Organizations.”)

    ✓ Attend class – One of the keys to success is simply showing up. Only attend the classes on your schedule, and check in with an advisor each semester to make sure you're on the right track to graduation.

  • Survival Tips

    5 Quick Tips to Survive and Thrive in College

    • Be prepared
      "I found it helpful to read the course material before class and also review and rewrite my notes after class. It reinforced, clarified and deepened my understanding of the material." -LaGuardia student
    • Go to class
      Attend all of your classes, show up a few minutes early, participate and ask questions!
    • Ask for help before you give up
      If you think you may need to withdraw from a class, get ahead of the game - speak with an advisor on your Advising Team about your options. They are here to help you make it to graduation.
    • Manage your time
      "I'm such a procrastinator so I rely on my cell phone calendar to remind me of important academic dates, assignment deadlines, appointments, even when to study." -LaGuardia student
    • Work hard, play hard
      "I try to find balance between school and my personal life. This semester a few of my classmates met once a week for study buddy brunches." -LaGuardia student

  • If you have questions or want help staying on track, contact your advisor in My LaGuardia.

    Need a little extra help in a specific subject? See our various tutoring services.