• Hybrid/Online Learning Quiz

    Not sure if a hybrid or online class is right for you? Take the quiz below to help you decide.

    Which best describes you: A or B?

    A. I am comfortable with computers
    B. I am unfamiliar with or don't really like using computers.

    A. I am comfortable using the Internet, Web browsers, search engines, and online library resources.
    B. I am not comfortable using the Internet.

    A. I am able to go online several times a week.
    B. I cannot go online very often.

    A. I have used and am comfortable with Blackboard.
    B. I’ve never used Blackboard.

    A. I am comfortable uploading files, sending email, and using word processors like Microsoft Word.
    B. I am not comfortable doing those things and have no desire to learn.

    A. I have no problem reading large amounts of text.
    B. I don't like to read much.

    A. I am comfortable with writing assignments such as short essays, papers, etc.
    B. I do not enjoy a lot of writing.

    A. I believe I am ultimately responsible for my learning.
    B. I believe the instructor is most responsible for what and how much I learn.

    A. I can usually figure out assignment instructions on my own, asking for help if I need it.
    B. I usually need assignments explained to me a few different times, preferably in-person.

    A. I often get things done ahead of time.
    B. I put off things until the last moment.

    A. I am able to control my study pace and work under deadlines.
    B. I need to be constantly reminded of my tasks.

    A. I have taken and passed ENG099 OR ENG101 within the past 18 months.
    B. I have not taken ENG099 or ENG101 within the past 18 months.


    If you answered all or mostly As, your answers seem to indicate you might be a good candidate to take an online class.

    If you answered some As and some Bs, you might want to think about it more. Read more about online/hybrid learning, consider the work involved and then decide if you’d like to try it.

    If you answered mostly Bs, you may be better suited for the traditional classroom environment. Distance learning isn’t for everyone, and the decision to take an online class is a big responsibility.