• LaGuardia Community College TechHire - OpenCode
    (Network Administration) Application Form

    Thank you for your interest in LaGuardia TechHire – OpenCode (Network Administration). To start the process of applying, please complete the brief questionnaire below. To be eligible for this US Department of Labor funded program, you must:

    • Be able to show proof that you are authorized to work in the US full-time (not a student visa)
    • Not currently be attending college
    • Be unemployed or underemployed (not working full-time)
    • Have a strong interest in technology
    • 17-29 years old
    • Have a high school or equivalency diploma
    • Be able to attend an intensive class for nine hours a week
    • Have basic computer skills, including keyboarding, and working with files and folders
    • Have some skills related to Information Technology Repair
    • Meet all federal selective service requirements

    This is a competitive program. In addition to the above requirements, you will need to pass a screening process, which includes a screening test and interview, to be accepted to the program. You must also attend an information session as part of the application process.

    LaGuardia TechHire – OpenCode is part of a national study to determine if offering individuals skills training and extra support services will help them complete training and find employment in middle-high skill jobs. Support services and spaces in specific trainings are limited. Eligible applicants will be chosen by a computerized selection process.

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    Additional Information

    1. How did you hear about the LaGuardia TechHire – OpenCode (Network Administration)? *


    2. If you heard about this program through an organization, a library or through social media, please specify which organization/library/social media platform. If this doesn't apply to you, please write N/A.*


    3. Are you interested in a career as a network administrator? *


    4. Are you between 17 and 29 years old? *


    5. Are you currently enrolled in college? *


    6. Are you unemployed or currently working less than 30 hours a week? *


    7. Do you have a high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma? *


    8. Will you be able to attend a full time training program beginning June 2019? *


    9. I can commit to the following training length:(Please select one) *


    10. How would you rate your understanding of computers and the Internet? *


    11. Please rate your keyboarding or typing skills on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being "I don't really know how to type", and 5 being "I'm a great typist." *


    Please tell us about any experience you have with Information Technology, computer repair or networking. *


    Network Screening Test


    Please select the correct answer or answers.

    1. How many individual wires are in a CAT6a cable?


    2. What device connects two different networks together?


    3. The unique hardware identifier on a NIC is called a ___________


    4. Which of the following IP addresses is not reserved for private networks?


    5. What type of cable uses LED light?


    6. Why do we use networks?


    7. Which color cable is not found in standard UTP network cable?


    8. What is the minimum category UTP cable for 1000 Mbps ethernet?


    9. How are IPv4 addresses commonly displayed?


    10. Which of the following protocols is used to send email on TCP port 25?


    11. What port is used for RDP?


    12. What command will show you your mapped drives?


    13. Which type of cable is the most susceptible to electromagnetic interference?


    14. Which TCP/IP protocol is used by a web browser to communicate with a web server?


    15. How many bits are used in an IPv4 address?


    16. What is the correct syntax for a UNC path?


    17. What command is used to test the reachability of a host on a network?


    18. What command is used to verify domain name server records?


    19. A user is reporting issues accessing network resources. Which tool would best assist in locating the issue?


    20. A network where multiple client devices are also sharing resources with each other is called a ____________ network.