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The Third Annual Innovative Practices in Developmental Mathematics Conference at LaGuardia Community College is soliciting proposals related to topics of co-requisite models in developmental mathematics, diversity and equity, and how to close the achievement gap. The conference will kick off in the afternoon of March 22 with a keynote speaker at LaGuardia Community College—in western Queens— located at 31-10 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101. The contributed and invited talks, as well as a second keynoter speaker will fill most of the second day on March 23, 2018. The theme of this year’s conference will be: closing the achievement gap, and how to achieve equity in completion. Presentations may be from across the wide spectrum of developmental mathematics education such as:

  • How do institutional policies in terms of placement and exit impact the achievement gap?
  • How is institutional support essential to achieving equity?
  • What are some non-traditional math pathways for non-STEM students?
  • Can quantitative reasoning/big data serve as an alternative to algebra for non-STEM students?
  • What remediation is appropriate for a particular major?
  • What strategies did you employ in accelerating developmental mathematics course sequencing; what issues did you face?
  • What mechanisms/instructional support is your college implementing in order to support students after exiting remedial mathematics?

The deadline for proposal and/or abstract submission is January 30, 2018. Submission can be made online. . If you wish to publish your work as conference proceedings, please complete all paper submission by January 30, 2018. Proceedings of all accepted papers will be available at the conference.