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    Comp TIA A+ Certification Preparation course

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    Screening Test

    1. What command only displays a disk's volume label? *


    2. The binary number system: *


    3. Computer multimedia is: *


    4. Which file executes commands in DOS? *


    5. The BIOS software resides in which of the following? *


    6. The Central Processing Unit (CPU): *


    7. Which of the following is the FIRST step when installing a hard drive in a system? *


    8. Missing slot plates in the system case could cause: *


    9. Which of the following most likely causes a CPU overheating problem? *


    10. Opening a power supply for repair would be: *


    11. How many bytes can a 750 Gigabyte hard disk store? *


    12. How many Primary Partitions can be created in a Windows environment? *


    13. Which end of the USB cable plugs into the computer? *


    14. Which connector was designed to connect a PC to high-end television? *


    15. What tool should be in every technician's toolkit? *


    16. What is the term for the delay in the RAM's response to a request from the memory controller chip (MCC)? *


    17. Which bus type uses serial rather than parallel communications? *


    18. Which signal does a device use to communicate with CPU? *


    19. What company dominates the chipset market? *


    20. The hard drive will be destroyed if the following is reversed: *


    21. Which type of flash memory card is currently the most popular? *


    22. Which of the following can be boot media? *


    23. You can save a copy of a CD or DVD as what type of file? *


    24. Which term decides a combination of many updates and fixes? **


    25. The ASCII standard defines how many 8-bit characters?


    26. What allows you to access the command-line interface in Windows XP?


    27. What set of folders are open to all users under Windows XP?


    28. What tool can modify programs at Windows start-up?


    29. What IC Device controls USB devices on a USB Port?


    30. Which port type offers the fastest data transfer speed?


    31. Which type of display uses more wattage?


    32. Tower type computers can be categorized as full, mid and mini towers.


    33. The personal computer was introduced by IBM in the year 1965.


    34. Ctrl+Alt+Delete causes the system to perform a cold boot.


    35. A cluster allocation unit is a combination of multiple contiguous sectors.


    36. A data error on logical drive C: will affect the operation on logical drive D: .


    37. Computer viruses are spread throughout the system by the hardware.


    38. The PC supports 3 1/2 inch floppy drives sizes 710 and 1.44.


    39. When cleaning a keyboard, you should not use compressed air.