• President’s Cabinet

    The mission of the President’s Cabinet is to advance the objectives of the College by identifying and addressing the planning, policy, procedural, operational, budget, and accreditation needs of LaGuardia Community College. This Cabinet serves in an advisory capacity to the President and assists in the overall administration of LaGuardia as it fulfills its purpose to educate and support LaGuardia students on their path to graduation.

  • Responsibilities

    The primary role of the Cabinet is to:

    • Review the College's mission statement for relevancy and accuracy
    • Review and make final recommendations on strategic and short-term goals and initiatives emerging from campus-wide dialogue and review progress in achieving goals
    • Promote collaboration among divisions, departments and programs on College and University goals, initiatives and projects
    • Facilitate input from, and communication with, a broad-based campus and community population
    • Ensure implementation of University-wide policies and procedures
    • Evaluate and recommend improvements to the College's strategic and annual planning processes
    • Assess the College’s budget and recommend allocation priorities
    • Maintain records of the President’s Cabinet agenda and minutes
  • Receiving Award

  • Membership

    The Cabinet operates in consultation with and under the direction of the President. The Cabinet is comprised of the President, the Vice Presidents of each Division and any additional members appointed by the President. The Cabinet shall meet on a regular basis and additionally as circumstances require.

  • Assessment of the Cabinet

    On an annual basis the Cabinet shall undertake an in-person self-assessment reviewing the following:

    • Did the Cabinet review the College’s stated goals and priorities for relevance to the College’s mission?
    • Did the Cabinet adopt strategic and short-term goals and review their progress?
    • Did the Cabinet review the College’s budget and recommend allocation priorities?
    • Did the Cabinet maintain agendas and minutes?