• ePortfolio Workshop Request Form

    Dear Faculty colleague,

    Thank you for supporting the ePortfolio initiative at LaGuardia. We are excited to assist you and your students in any ePortfolio-related projects. To help us meet your needs, please complete this request form below at least one week in advance.

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    1. Enter the full course code including CUNYfirst number: (Ex. ELN120.0001 (97533) / CLIP_FA15_MAR1)

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    NOTE: If you are requesting a workshop for an ACE class, please contact Lukasz Lizak at 718-482-6113 or call ACE Help Desk at 718-482-5133 to obtain ACE students' login accounts.
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    4. Is this a computer lab? If not, let us know and we will help you request a computer lab with the Registrar: 

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    1. This session will offer students an opportunity to create an ePortfolio using the appropriate template and start uploading assignments under the faculty’s guidance. This workshop will provide an overview of the new interface, its different features, the basics of the interface such as slides and modules, and adding new pages or modules at the request of faculty. The session can also be tailored to classes where a partial number of students already have existing ePortfolios and want to work on specific sections or pages.

    2. This session will offer students an opportunity to add additional content to their existing ePortfolios. The session can cover adding new sections or pages at the request of faculty. It is recommended that the faculty specify the assignments students need to complete.

    3. This session is designed to help students upgrade from the ‘classic’ to the new ePortfolio interface. The session will walk students through the process of migrating all content into the new interface. Additionally, the session will help students troubleshoot content on ‘classic’ that’s not supported in the new interface.

    4. This session will offer students the opportunity to customize and use the design features of the ePortfolio interface to transform its look and view.
      Note: This workshop will be available starting in October 2018

    5. This session will be facilitated by an Instructional Design Assistant (IDA). In this session, students will be guided through the process of uploading an assignment into the assessment area on Digication. When requesting this session, faculty must indicate both the competency and ability along with the assignment(s) that students will be depositing.

      Please indicate the following , if you selected Assessment Deposition.:
    • Name of Competency:
    • Name of the Assignment(s):
    • Name of Competency:
    • Name of the Assignment(s):
    • Name of Competency:
    • Name of the Assignment(s):
    • Name of Competency:
    • Name of the Assignment(s):

    For questions regarding the assessment depositing process, faculty can contact the Faculty Assessment coordinators Professor Justin Rogers-Cooper or at extension 5913; or Professor Regina Lehman , or at extension 5775. For more information please visit:  
    7. Please let us know if you have any additional comments about your request.