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  • Students in Internships

    Honors Internship Program

    Give students their first big break.

  • LaGuardia Community College students have what employers are looking for. They are smart and hardworking. They have character and grit. Most are bilingual and have a good foundation of business and communication skills.

    What they don’t have are the opportunities or connections to secure essential internships. Our Honors Internship Program not only connects underserved students to prestigious, competitive internships — but also provides them a Foundation-paid stipend to defray living expenses during the time of their internship.

    This approach — access plus financial support — provides students a chance at building the professional skills and networks they will need to succeed after graduation.

  • Portrait of Taher Edris

    “My internship at Morningstar has been my greatest accomplishment thus far.”

    Class of 2019, Business Administration

    Portrait of Unique Upreti

    “My internship in the cyber security division at the Museum of Modern Art helped me decide to choose the field as a career path.”

    Class of 2019, Computer Science

  • Are you ready to give students their first big break?

    To learn more about becoming an internship host partner or financially supporting our internship program, we’d love to chat about how you can help us expand and enrich this incredible program for our exceptional students.


    For more information about what we’re doing and how to support our students, contact us.


    (718) 482-5610

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