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  • Student in LIC

    Scholarships & Emergency Funds

    Invest in the next generation of leaders.

  • Our students work hard inside and outside the classroom, often balancing two or three jobs while going to school in order to improve their lives and contribute to their communities.

    With the majority of LaGuardia Community College students being immigrants or living at or under the poverty line, graduation is often tied to being able to afford to stay in school. Our Foundation Scholarships and Emergency Funds programs provides students with tuition and non-tuition relief (college expenses like textbooks and transportation; and living expenses like rent or healthcare).

  • 1.5K+

    1,500 scholarships and emergency aid are provided each year at LaGuardia Community College on average.

    “My LAGCC Foundation Scholarship has allowed me to remain in school.”

    Susana Alvis
    Class of 2019,
    English-Spanish Translation Major


    of graduates stay in New York State, contributing to our economy and our future workforce.

  • Are you ready to help students stay in school?

    Whether you’re interested in supporting our Foundation Scholarship or Emergency Fund programs, or naming a scholarship in tribute of someone, we welcome your support in providing our students with assistance to achieve their goals and effect positive change in our communities.


    For more information about what we’re doing and how to support our students, contact us.


    (718) 482-5610