• Frequently Asked Questions

    New Students

    You can request an evaluation online or in person at the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office in Room C-102.

    Placement test results will be posted in your LaGuardia VIP. The Testing Office does not give out scores. Your advisor can explain how placement scores will determine the courses you need to take during your first semester at LaGuardia.

    Your personalized LaGuardia VIP page provides you with all the information you need to get started at LaGuardia.

    Scores should be available two to three weeks after your test date. The Testing Office does not give out scores. Placement test results will be posted on your LaGuardia VIP page.

    • Contact the Student Information Center at (718) 482-5000 or 
    • Email  infonow@lagcc.cuny.edu or 
    • Reschedule through your  LaGuardia VIP page

    Yes, If you have permission from your institution to use LaGuardia Community College as on off-site proctoring location, please email  testing@lagcc.cuny.edu indicating the timeframe in which you need to test, the school you are testing for and the type of exam you will be taking.

    After the date and time are agreed upon, your school will email the proctor agreement, proctoring instructions and any other necessary exam materials to the LaGuardia Testing Office.

    The fee is $12 per hour, and the cost is not prorated for partial hours (For example, a test that takes 61 minutes is counted as longer than one hour and will therefore cost $24). The student will be allowed to purchase a money order from the 7-Eleven near campus to pay for proctoring services used. If any materials need to be shipped after the test, you will also be responsible for the cost of that postage.

    Local Writing Tests: Students who tested in writing placement (CATW) at another CUNY school and scored below a 56 but plan on attending LaGuardia are required to take local writing exam to determine their English placement at LaGuardia.
    • Timed 60-minute exam.
    • One topic to prepare a brief writing sample to be evaluated by English faculty.

    Students who score less than 40 on Math 2 will be required to take numerical skills/pre-algebra (Math 1); a score of 45 or higher in Math 1 places students out of pre-algebra remediation. 

    Ability to Benefit (ATB): Students who have a high school diploma from outside the United States must take and pass an approved ATB exam in order to qualify for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The exam consists of sentence skills, reading and arithmetic.
    • Un-timed, multiple choice, computer-based exam.

    Note: To find out if you’re eligible to test for the ATB exam please speak with a Financial Aid representative located in C-107 (Enrollment Services Center). 

    Effective for Spring 2016 and thereafter, first-time TAP recipients must meet or exceed all the following minimum cut points on the Reading, Sentence Skills and Arithmetic modules of Accuplacer:
    • Reading: 55
    • Sentence Skills: 60
    • Arithmetic: 34
    • Reading (ACCUPLACER): a scaled score of 55 or more.
    • Writing: a total score of 56 or more.
    • Mathematics (Elementary Algebra): a score of 57 or more.

    • To be eligible to register for the first college-level composition course (ENG 101), students must pass the CATW placement exam.
    • Students who score of 45-54 ACCUPLACER Reading will be able to retest after 10 business days.
    • If students fall within the retest criteria they have one opportunity to retest regardless of the score on the retest.

    New students are eligible to retake the CUNY placement exams if they meet ALL of the following requirements:
    • Two years or more since their initial or last placement exam.
    • Haven’t attended any CUNY college in the past two years.

    Note: If you previously tested and passed one or more parts of the placement exam you will not need to retest in that area.

    Continuing Students

    Contact the English department in the E-Building room E-103.

    Contact the Education and Language Acquisition (ELA) department in the B-Building room B-234.

    Contact the Math department for information. The department is located in the E-Building room E-218.

    Contact the appropriate academic department for information. You can also speak with your professor.