• Dietetic Technician

    The Dietetic Technician Program is a gateway into the field of food, nutrition and health, providing exciting and engaging career opportunities in health care and the food industry. The program is designed to educate students in the areas of medical nutrition therapy and dietetics with a focus on the role of human nutrition in health and wellness.

  • Students learn the nutrition care process, which includes screening and assessing patients/clients, and designing and implementing individualized nutritional intervention strategies for them. The study of food systems management develops competencies in production management, menu development, food safety principles, and human resources management and supervision. The required science courses include human anatomy and physiology and chemistry. As part of their coursework, students complete three field experience courses in health care facilities and community sites in the New York City area. Successful graduates of the DTP are eligible to sit for the Dietetic Technician registration exam. This exam, which is administered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is recognized nationally.

    The Dietetic Technician program is closed to new applicants as of 2017.

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    The Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) works independently or as a team member under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD or RDN) in a variety of employment settings.

    • Health care such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, retirement centers, home health-care programs and research facilities working in the treatment and prevention of disease.
    • Schools, day-care centers, correctional facilities, restaurants, health-care facilities, supervising employees, production management, purchasing and inventory controls; and budget preparation within foodservice operations.
    • Women, infant, children (WIC) programs, public health agencies, Meals on Wheels and community health programs, developing and teaching nutrition classes for the public.
    • Health clubs, weight management clinics, and community wellness centers, educating clients on food, fitness and health.
    • Food management companies or food distributing operations, food manufacturers etc., menu development, production supervision, quality assurance monitoring, sales, consumer information.

    The salary of a DTR is influenced by many factors such as the amount of applicable past work experience and the need of the institution. The typical entry salary for a DTR in the New York Metropolitan Area is approximately $45,000 + benefits.

    The Career Ladder

    Students may wish to continue their studies at a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. By completing an accredited bachelor’s degree program and a dietetic internship (or equivalent) a student is eligible to take the dietitian’s registration examination. After successful completion of this examination, an individual is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD or RDN).  Advanced degrees in this field provide additional employment opportunities in health care as well as in the food industry.

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    Review the Dietetic Technician Curriculum  and the recommended course sequence below.

    Recommended Course Sequence

    Pre-Clinical Phase

    Course Number Course Name Fulfills Credits
    SCB203 Human Anatomy & Physiology I Required Core
    SCC110 Foundations of Chemistry Flexible Core 4
    SCD200 Introductory Nutrition  Program Core 
    ENG101 English Composition Pathways Required Core 3
    HSF090 First Year Seminar for Health Sciences  Program Core
    Session Credits 14 
    Total Credits 14 

    Clinical Phase

    Fall I

    Course Number Course Name Fulfills Credits
    SCD100 Foods Program Core 3
    SCD206 Applied Dietetics  Program Core 
    SCB204  Human Anatomy & Physiology II  Flexible Core 
    Session Credits 10 
    Total Credits 24

    Fall II

    Course Number Course Name Fulfills Credits
    SCD251 Principles of Sanitation Program Core
    SCD107 Careers in Food and Nutrition Program Core
    Session Credits
    Total Credits 28

    Spring I

    Course Number Course Name Fulfills Credits
    SCD250 Production Mamagement Program Core 3
    SCD260 Dietetic Field Experience I  Program Core 
    SCD201  Clinical Nutrition A  Program Core 
    ENG102  Writing though Literature  Required Core 
    MAT120  Elementary Statistics  Required Core 

    Session Credits 13 
    Total Credits 41 

    Fall I

    Course Number Course Name Fulfills Credits
    SCD202 Clinical Nutrition B Program Core 3
    SCD221 Dietetic Field Experience II Program Core
    SCN240 Food and Culture Program Core 3
    SSY101 General Psychology Required Core 3
    Session Credits 11 
    Total Credits 51

    Spring I

    Course Number Course Name Fulfills Credits
    SCD203 Life Cycle Nutrition Program Core
    SCD253 Foodservice Management  Program Core 
    SCD222  Dietetic Field Experience III  Program Core 
    SCD270  Dietetic Seminar  Program Core 
    Session Credits
    Total Credits 60

    For information about this program’s retention and graduation rate visit the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment website page.

    All students accepted into the college as a Dietetic Technician (DTP) major are considered to be in the pre-clinical phase of the program. Pre-clinical key courses are required for a student to apply for candidacy into the clinical phase of the DTP. The pre-clinical key courses are: 

    • SCB 203 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    • SCC 110 Foundations of Chemistry
    • SCD 200 Introductory Nutrition
    • ENG 101 Composition I

    Application for candidacy in the DTP occurs once a year in the Spring I semester. Pre-Clinical Key Courses must be completed by the end of the Spring I semester in which a student applies for candidacy to the clinical phase of the program. A grade of C or better must be earned in all key courses. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is the minimum GPA required for candidacy into the program. HSF 090 - First Year Seminar for Health Sciences should be taken in the first semester at the college. The “Clinical” Phase sequence only begins in the fall semester.

    Review the Dietetic Technician Program Handbook for detailed information.

    The Dietetic Technician Program Proof of Residency Requirement

    Beginning with the spring 2017 semester all students applying for candidacy in the LaGuardia Community College Dietetic Technician Program must provide documentation in one of the following categories, in addition to meeting the program's candidacy requirements:

    • U. S. Citizenship
    • Permanent Residency
    • International Student with F1 Status
    • Deferred Action Status by the U. S. Government Granted Asylum, Refugee Status, Temporary Protected Status, Withholding of Removal

    Students who are interested in pursuing a health career and are unable to provide documentation in one of the categories listed above are urged to contact the Office of International Student Services located in Room M166 or call (718) 482-5143 to schedule an appointment. In addition, the City University of New York provides free counseling and assistance to all CUNY students through the CUNY Citizenship and Immigration Project.

    Area colleges accept the majority of LaGuardia course credits towards the completion of a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. DTP graduates transfer to Queens College, Brooklyn College, Lehman College, and New York University (NYU). The LAGCC DTP is a participant in the NYU Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP). NYU accepts all the credits earned by a DTP graduate at LaGuardia. The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-SHRP Bachelor of Science in Health Science offers a Coordinated Dietetics Program which is a flexible distance education program designed specifically for the Registered Dietetic Technician (DTR).