• Welcome

    On this page you can find links to frequently used technology resources for faculty and students, as well as how to access the latest technology and software offerings -whether you are on campus or off. 

  • Digital Tools
    Review the Netiquette Guide for help with communicating effectively in a virtual environment.




    Office 365

    • Gain access to your LaGuardia email (through Outlook) as well as other Microsoft programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Teams, through your CUNY Office 365 account.
    • Use these programs online or download them to your computer. (To download, click “Install Office” and then “Office 365 apps” after logging in.)
    • Log into your CUNY Office 365 account using your LaGuardia email address (@live.lagcc.cuny.edu) and password
      • To log in, you'll need to complete Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to verify your identity. Watch a demonstration.
      • Note: If a staff member invites you to a Microsoft Teams virtual meeting, you’ll need to log into Teams using your CUNYfirst credentials. See a video tutorial.


    • View the Join a Meeting video guide and see the Zoom FAQ.
    • Check out security protocol and resources for Zoom.
    • Log into your CUNY Zoom account using your CUNY credentials (username is firstname.lastname + the last 2 digits of your EMPL ID, and your password is the same as your CUNYfirst account).
    • Download Zoom to your computer, tablet or phone. To log into the Zoom software or app on your device:
      • Open Zoom and click “Sign In.”
      • On the sign-in screen, click “Sign in with SSO.”
      • Type “cuny” in the “Your company domain box” and click “Continue.”
      • Log in using your CUNYfirst credentials.


    • See the CUNY training guides to find out how to update your classes, pay your bill, view your grades and course history, update your personal information, view your unofficial transcript and more.
    • See this guide and helpful video, created by a LaGuardia student to help you access CUNYfirst, add/drop classes and view your schedule.
    • Log into CUNYfirst. (Reminder: your username is firstname.lastname + the last 2 digits of your EMPL ID.)

  • My LaGuardia & Student Email

    • Find out what My LaGuardia offers, including your LAGCC email account, in this short video.
    • See the following guides/videos, created by LaGuardia students to help with your email account and personal My LaGuardia page. (You’ll need to complete Multi-factor Authentication to verify your identify before logging in.)
    • Look up your LaGuardia email address.
    • Access your LaGuardia email through My LaGuardia or through your CUNY Office 365 account.
    • Request help.
    • Be aware of email scams and improve your cybersecurity knowledge.
    • What happens to my e-mail after graduation?
      Keep your account even after you graduate. Your e-mail account will not be deleted after you graduate., To ensure that your messages and files are kept intact, you must login to your account at least once every semester, otherwise your content will be cleared, while your e-mail account remains.

    My LaGuardia Mobile App
    Find the free LaGuardia mobile app in the Apple Store or Google Play to access the College Catalog, eTools, news, events and much more.

    Upload Documents in CUNYfirst

    Virtual Backgrounds
    Download LaGuardia background images to use in your video calls for classes and meetings!

    • Click on the download icon and choose “Large (2048 x 1295)."
    • See a CUNY guide to change your background and other privacy settings in Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex.

    Additional Resources
    Find out about community and business resources for technology support, financial assistance, mental health options and more.

    CUNY Discounts
    CUNY offers discounts on a number of items, including computers, software, office supplies and phone plans. Find the details at offers.cuny.edu.

    Device Loans
    If you do not have a reliable device at home, you may borrow a Chromebook or iPad from LaGuardia. Wifi hotspots are also available if needed.

    • Please log into My LaGuardia to schedule device pickup.
    • For questions about device loans, contact the Student Information Center (SIC) at DeviceRequest@lagcc.cuny.edu. (Be sure to tell them your EMPLID.) SIC hours: Mon./Thurs. 9 a.m.–7 p.m. & Tues./Wed./Fri. 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

    Need internet access? See if you’re eligible to apply for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.