• CUNYfirst Security for CUNYFirst

    In order to modify security roles (for access to functions you do not have or that you want to remove from your account) Faculty and Staff must review and complete a Security Access Request Form and submit it through the appropriate approval process in order to be granted access to Campus Solutions.
    Note: All faculty and staff have been assigned initial security roles, however, they may need to be modified to include (or remove) functions that are needed in the course of performing their usual duties.

    Follow the steps below to get the necessary roles

    Step 1. Download Security Access Request Form and Identify Appropriate Roles Needed.

    Step 2. Sign Forms & Acquire Managerial Approval - see page 6.

    Step 3. Submit Forms - please send a completed Campus Solutions Security Access Request Form to Ganga Persaud, gangap@lagcc.cuny.edu; Burhan Siddiqui, bsiddiqui@lagcc.cuny.edu.  Upon receipt of your paperwork, we will process your request, create a ticket on your behalf and send you an email notification about the results.

    Note: All security requests are subject to review and approval.  

    Do not complete the CUNYfirst Faculty/Staff Questions? Need Help? Form.