• General

    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    No. All you need is internet access and one of the recommended browsers.
    Yes, as long as you use a recommended browser.


    The implementation means that many processes we have used for years have been altered to meet the high standards of our students, faculty and staff. Every member of our CUNY community is participating in the implementation of the Project and many have already been trained on the systems that will affect them. Currently all modules and applications are fully implemented at LaGuardia Community College and every one of our students, faculty and staff have access to CUNYfirst. All employees can access CUNYfirst’s Self-Service where they can view their personal information (address, phone number, etc.), current listing of benefits and report to their local HR office if their data is incorrect.



    Everyone (faculty, staff and students) will be given an ID and an initial password to sign into the system. At the first sign on, you will be required to change your password to something familiar to you. You will then be asked to give answers to three security questions of your choice so you can get help if you forget your password. You will change your password many times in a given year to ensure the security requirement needed to protect this system.

    Password requirements are:

    • At least 8 characters long
    • At least 1 uppercase letter AND at least 1 numeric OR one special character
    • Your last 4 previous passwords cannot be used
    • After changing your password, you must wait 5 days to change your password again
    • Navigate to CUNYfirst Portal Login page
    • Click on the Forgot Your Password?
    • Enter the Username or Empl ID (employee ID)
    Click on the “forgot your password” link. If you haven’t claimed your account, you will be asked to set your challenge questions. If you have created your account already, then you will be asked to answer the questions.
    The answer is right there – systems vs. system. Our current systems, which are numerous, operate to conduct all our business at CUNY. Very few of them interact with each other. CUNYfirst integrates all our financial, HR and student processes so that data can be used instantaneously across departments and across the University.
    FIRST stands for Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and for CUNY it means a massive change in how we’ll do things. ERP processes in Student Administration, Human Resources and Finance change how we do everything from registering for classes to paying our bills. ERP computer systems replace aging legacy systems like SIMS and CUPS to help us streamline and standardize many of the things we do at our College. The PeopleSoft™ processes that our students, faculty and staff interact with via the internet have been implemented in phases.
    You have several options listed on the home page of our CUNYfirst web site.
    No. CUNYfirst is being hosted (where the servers and data reside) outside of CUNY. Users log into CUNYfirst, via their internet browser, directly into their processes. There is no second step.
    When we retire systems like CUPS (City University Personnel System) or SIMS (Student Information Management System), we will no longer be using both processes. The systems may be up for data reasons only until CUNYfirst stabilizes. With the launch of new CUNYfirst processes for Finance, HR and Student, there is no need to do processes twice.
  • Students

  • Yes, you can create your account now. Go to: Create Your Account and follow the instructions.

    There are several common problems students are having when they create their account. Here are some Tips to help you create your account:

    • When you enter your date of birth, make sure you include slashes in between the month, day and year. Also, use four digits for the year.
    • Use capital letters for your first name and last name.
    • Use Mozilla Firefox, not Internet Explorer.


    Yes. To register, you must create your CUNYfirst account so if you haven’t already done it, go to: Create A New Account. If you have any questions about CUNYfirst, or need help, submit our website form: Student: Have a Question? Need Help?
    No. Your must click the "enroll" tab on or after your enrollment date to be officially enrolled in the course.

    Contact the Student Information Center by telephone at (718) 482-5935, or email, CallCenter@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    Please complete and submit the website Student Help form.

    Yes, you can access our Self Service Training Guides for Students for quick reference on how to use CUNYfirst on our website.  

    The changes are occurring now because CUNYfirst has been launched. CUNYfirst is LaGuardia's new registration and information management system that’s replaced eSIMS. CUNYfirst is a University-wide system that manages students education and records allowing students to access many important services such as:

    • Search and Register for Classes
    • View Course History
    • Pay Tuition and Fees 


    Every person in the CUNYfirst system has one record. That means you will be identified in the system for all that you are to CUNY. This allows for your information to follow you wherever you go and should speed up new employee procedures if you move to a new job at another campus.
    Anyone who is given security access to assist students in their careers will be able to refer to a student’s record and look at the same information. They could even look at the data at the same time, but only one person can update a student’s record at a time. This will improve service as everyone will be on the same page – no more “he told me that and she told me this.”
    Contact the Student Information Center by telephone at: (718) 482-5935 or email, CallCenter@lagcc.cuny.edu.
  • Faculty & Staff

    • Faculty will be required to enter Census Date Attendance data into both Web Attendance and the CUNYfirst system.
    • Faculty should continue to use Web Attendance for taking daily attendance.


    Yes. For example, let’s say you are faculty chairperson. You will have access to CUNYfirst Student processes needed to do your job in your department. You may also have access to Human Resources processes in your role as someone who manages people or hires new employees. Additionally, you may have access to Finance processes for purchasing department or office materials seeking reimbursement for expenses. With CUNYfirst, access to all functions with one sign-on is in one integrated system!
    For access to functions you do not have or that you want to remove from your account, you must modify your security roles by reviewing and completing a Campus Solutions Security Access Request Form and submitting it through the appropriate approval process in order to be granted access to Campus Solutions. To access the forms and for details, visit our CUNYfirst Security For Campus Solutions web page. All security requests are subject to review and approval.
    Do not complete the CUNYfirst Faculty/Staff Questions? Need Help? Form. For questions regarding this process, please contact the College’s Application Security Liaisons at: cunyfirstASL@lagcc.cuny.edu. For more information regarding Security Access, please visit our website.
    These indicators DO NOT restrict our students from registering at LaGuardia. Please do not send students to departments if they have active Negative Service Indicators (formerly known as Stops) from other CUNY schools.
    Transfer student calls regarding CUNYfirst, i.e., claiming account, registration issues, etc., to the Student Information Center at extension 5935.
    Students requesting in-person assistance with registration or CUNYfirst should be directed to the Registration Support Lab located in room B333.
    DegreeWorks migration to the central system has begun. Until it is completed, the local DegreeWorks system is available, but only reflects status as of June 28th. Any course drops recorded after June 28 were entered in CUNYfirst and are not reflected in the DegreeWorks Audit.
    Although you can view a student’s academic record for a previous semester in SIMS, it is recommended that you view student records in CUNYfirst under "Student Services Center."
    Yes and no. While some testing requires us to get a wide range of experiences as we put the processes through their paces, we may have some campus experts participate in one test while others are called for another. Since we are creating common business processes to be used across the university, we want to make sure we will use something that works at every campus.
    For the General Ledger, we have converted two years of financial data. For the Human Resources processes, we have all historic employee data. With student systems, we have six years of information available live, and 24 years archived.
    No. CUNYfirst can be accessed from anywhere via your favorite internet browser. There are specific requirements for which browsers can be used, but if you have a computer at home, you can sign on to look at your personnel information or, in the future, fill out a time sheet. Campus IT teams are making computers available at various locations at the colleges for those who don’t use computers in their daily work.
    There are three main areas at CUNY where new processes will be implemented – Finance, Human Resources and Student Administration.
    Finance: General Ledger, Procurement (Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Expenses), Planning and Budgeting, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Cash and Deal Management.
    Human Resources: Base HR Processes, Base Benefit Processes, Recruitment, Time and Labor, Leave Management and Payroll (interfaces with NY State and NYC).
    Student Administration: Academic Structure, Course Catalogue, Schedule of Classes, Student Financials, Student Records, Financial Aid and Admissions.
    The CUNYfirst system is hosted by our partners from Oracle at a site in Atlanta, Georgia. That means our data and processes are going back and forth on the highest quality data lines from New York to there. Each day, current CUNY data is replicated at a second site every 15 minutes, also in Georgia, but far enough away to ensure that any compromises at the primary site (weather, natural disaster, etc.) will not be replicated because of proximity. The systems are backed up every night. In case of a shutdown at our primary site, a recovery plan has already been created to ensure a smooth transition to the backup data, and, when our technical teams have it available again, a smooth transition to our primary site.
    Faculty can view rosters and class schedules, perform a class search, advise students, and assign grades. As advisors, faculty benefit from the resources within CUNYfirst that allow access to the same information as seen by students. Different departments may have access to the same student at the same time, thereby eliminating wait time or the need to send students to different offices.
    A major feature of the CUNY ERP will be its self-service functions, allowing faculty and staff to view portions of their HR records, including a listing of current chosen benefits.
    No. In CUNYfirst everyone was assigned roles based on the work they do. Those roles were determined by managers and supervisors who translated work into CUNYfirst functions. When that was determined, training was available to you to perform the exact tasks you need to do your job - no more, no less. If it is determined you need training on additional functions outside your role, your supervisors/bosses are responsible for ensuring that you receive the necessary training to do your job.
    If their work is such that they need access to CUNYfirst processes, then yes. If an RF employee manages CUNY or campus people, then they’ll need access to the managerial functions in HR. Otherwise, they’ll be part of a group of employees that have a tangential relationship to CUNYfirst, as they do now.
    If you are a non-tax levy employee who will need to use CUNYfirst to support students, please go to Human Resources E407. Let them know that you are a non-tax levy employee who needs to have access to CUNYfirst to support students. Once HR inputs your information in CUNYfirst, then you will be able to create your account.
    Yes. The new procurement module, the FINANCE section of CUNYfirst, has a tracking feature that allows everyone who is involved in a procurement, from requestors to those who track packages and deliveries as well as the payment for such procurements, to see its status. There is also a feature in the Procurement system that allows checking the budgeted funds against the purchase order.