The LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning offers programs designed to advance innovative teaching and enrich student learning at LaGuardia Community College and beyond. Our resources include those which inform our practice as a center for faculty professional development, as well as a selection of those we have developed, including:

    Our robust professional development structure is designed to support faculty innovation and exchange, focused on student learning. Paramount to our approach is a focus on classroom inquiry and reflective practice: faculty in Center programs investigate student learning in their own classes and reflect on their efforts to introduce new activities and approaches as evidenced by student performance. Winner of a Hesburgh Award for excellence in advancing undergraduate education, the Center for Teaching and Learning facilitates professional development activities within a larger framework of broad institutional learning at LaGuardia.


    Approches to Pedagogy

    We believe students learn more deeply, and more permanently, through asking questions, through collaboration, and through active engagement that draws on the full range of their knowledge and experience, both cognitive and affective. Activities that build this approach, a hallmark of LaGuardia’s faculty development programs, emphasize attention to learning and the learner, shifting the conversation from what the instructor does to what students do.

    Over the College’s half-century history, LaGuardia faculty have been leaders in innovative approaches to teaching and student learning. Guided by learning theory and reflective teaching practice, the CTL has helped shape, guide, and support the implementation of effective pedagogical practices across the curriculum, in learning in and out of the classroom. Over the years, we have built on this foundation as our understanding of learning has evolved. And we have experimented with new approaches or variations on previous practice, such as a focus on the affective dimensions of learning, or inclusive learning and Universal Design for Learning, or flipped learning, or the Dewey Cycle of Inquiry.

    Assessment and Core Competencies

    The Center supports the College's Outcomes Assessment process by providing year-long and mini-seminars that support the development of course activities and assignments linked to the College’s general education Core Learning Competencies and Communication Abilities. Our faculty have determined that these Competencies (Global and Integrative Learning, Inquiry & Problem Solving) and Abilities (Oral, Written, and Digital Communication) are key for students' development as 21st Century learners—for college and career.

    Every academic program includes a range of courses across the curriculum that incorporate assignments that help students build the Core Competencies and Abilities. Faculty teaching these courses will implement assignments aligned with rubrics for each Competency or Ability; students enrolled in these courses will deposit their work for future scoring as part of a programmatic or college-wide Benchmark Reading. To support assignment development, the CTL announces a range of seminar and mini-grant offerings each spring for faculty interested in participating the following year. To learn more about these offerings and how they connect with the Learning Competencies and Communication Abilities, please visit our Seminars page.

    Conversations at the Center

    Every year, the Center supports Brown Bag Conversations, which provide an opportunity for LaGuardia faculty throughout the college to present on the topics that most interest them. Initiated in 2000, this popular series has provided a broad spectrum of activities with topics ranging from "How Can We Help Fix Our Water: Environmental Science Adventures at the Newtown Creek" to "Educating for a Global Citizenry.” The Brown Bag series provides a valuable informal forum for faculty wishing to get input on their presentations, or to connect with colleagues from across the College who are interested in similar themes or research. Each year, the faculty solicits interest from faculty and announces the Conversations College-wide.

    LaGuardia Faculty Resource

    Developed by newer faculty members who saw the need for a faculty-friendly guide to campus and support services, this practical, hands-on guide provides links and tips to navigating LaGuardia and accessing the resources faculty need for teaching here.

    New Faculty Colloquium

    In this year-long orientation to teaching and learning at LaGuardia, new full-time faculty work with CTL staff, senior colleagues, and chairpersons to learn about their new professional environment. Participants learn from each other and colleagues across the College about LaGuardia’s students, college-wide initiatives, networking opportunities, institutional resources to support scholarship and service, and pedagogical strategies proven to be effective at LaGuardia. The Colloquium provides a setting where new faculty can form friendships that carry into future endeavors. Colloquium activities include introductions to key processes, resources, and information that will help new faculty successfully navigate their first year at the college and set the stage for a successful LaGuardia career.

    Provost’s Learning Space

    Effective teaching requires consistent evaluation of student learning. In the Provost’s Learning Space (PLS) seminar, participants expand their pedagogical “toolbox” by exploring various strategies used to assess learning. Through a series of hands-on activities and workshops, participants will become more thoughtful in their approach to assessment planning and implementation.

    Tech (and Other) Resource Links

    LaGuardia’s Faculty and Staff Portal provides links to key resources including Blackboard, CUNY First, Outlook Web Access, Web Attendance, the IT HelpDesk, the Library, Human Resources, and more.


    The Center for Teaching and Learning supports a range of activities that promote learning in digital environments. For example, among LaGuardia’s new Learning Competencies and Communication Abilities is Digital Communication. This ability emphasizes multimedia forms of expression, such as text, image, and/or video, as well as various platforms for digital interaction, including discussion threads and social media. The Center offers seminars, workshops, and presentations in support of this important success skill for the 21st Century.

    As always, LaGuardia faculty experiment with their own strategies and incorporate an ever-expanding range of tools and digital platforms for learning. Some of these projects are included here.


    LaGuardia is national leader in ePortfolio practice, with thousands of students creating an ePortfolio in their first semester that they will develop over their academic experience at LaGuardia. This “Next Generation ePortfolio” is part of a college-wide initiative to help deepen community and foster integration across students’ learning experience at LaGuardia. Grounding ePortfolio practice in integrative social pedagogy helps our students accomplish a deeper, more reflective learning that connects them to the College and each other. Through comprehensive ePortfolio practice, faculty and staff are empowering students as learners and emerging professionals.

    Our ePortfolio Consultants, a team of LaGuardia alumni and current CUNY students, offer their expertise through training in the development and design of ePortfolios, as well as support for with the implementation of ePortfolio in the classroom. Services range from student workshops to one-on-one faculty conversations.


    Hybrid or “blended” courses connect instructors and students alike to the rich possibilities of the internet and web-centered learning while offering scheduling flexibility to students with very busy lives. Online learning is most effective when course design and pedagogical methods are built around widely accepted practices, and sound decisions about technology applications.

    The Center for Teaching and Learning supports faculty initiatives for hybrid and online instruction. CTL has offered year-long seminars and workshops that provide the opportunity for faculty to explore pedagogical strategies for transitioning from traditional classroom teaching to hybrid or online, and integrating various technologies for student engagement. The Center also provides resources and instructional support to faculty building their hybrid and online courses.For further information or assistance, please contact Pablo Avila at pavila@lagcc.cuny.edu or Priscilla Stadler at pstadler@lagcc.cuny.edu

    You may also visit the LaGuardia Online Web page.