• ePortfolio

  • Over the past ten years, LaGuardia Community College has emerged as a national leader in the fast-growing field of electronic student portfolios, or “ePortfolios.”  Linking innovative pedagogy with digital technology and new thinking about constructivist learning and holistic assessment, LaGuardia’s ePortfolio initiative is led by academic faculty, working in collaboration with staff from Academic Affairs, Information Technology, and Student Affairs. Coordinated by the Center for Teaching and Learning and identified as a key priority in the college-wide strategic plan, LaGuardia’s work with ePortfolio has drawn acclaim across CUNY and from such groups as the Association of American Colleges & Universities, the Community Colleges Humanities Association,  and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

    ePortfolios provide LaGuardia students with a tool for collecting their academic work and their reflections on their learning, and for sharing their portfolios on the World Wide Web.  Since its inception, over 20,000 LaGuardia students have advanced their ePortfolios, making LaGuardia’s ePortfolio project one of the largest of any college in the country. For more information, please visit the ePortfolio website.