• History of the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning

  • 2015 - 2016
    • US DOE Title V funds Project AVANZAR, which will support a multi-faceted five-year program to strengthen student success in STEM disciplines through inquiry-based and integrative pedagogies and improved advisement.  CTL seminars and programs will anchor this effort.  
    • CTL supporting 231 faculty in 9 year-long seminars, 3 semester-long seminars, and intensive workshops focused on advising.
    • New seminars launched:  Bringing the Global Competency into Your Classes, Digital by Design: Teaching in a Connected World.
    2014 - 2015
    • Academic Affairs receives prestigious FIPSE “First in the World” grant for Project COMPLETA.   Grant objectives support the further alignment of Academic and Student Affairs including the New to College seminar which CTL staff continue to facilitate and develop, training an additional 66 faculty to teach the major-specific First Year Seminar.
    • CTL supporting 455 faculty and staff in 7 year-long seminars, 3 semester-long seminars, mini-grants, and intensive workshops focused on advising.
    • New seminars launched:  Building New Competencies, Design for Social Pedagogy, Gender and Diversity at LaGuardia: Rethinking Pedagogy, Foundations of Advising, NEH-funded Technology, Self, and Society, Teaching MAT119 (Statway), Designing Information Assignments for Literacy, and program-based Hybrid/Online Mini-grants.
    • Led by Dean Wach, and funded through the President’s Office, CTL staff initiate Front Line Staff training activities designed to improve service to students and extend learning opportunities across the campus.  Over 200 staff participate.
    • Funded through the President’s Office, CTL staff develop the Peer Advisor program, in  which  trained  LaGuardia students  utilize their  skills and experience to strengthen LaGuardia’s team advisement system and  guide fellow students to success. 52 Peer Advisors are trained and placed in academic and student service areas.
    • CTL staff train Student Success Mentors (SSMs) who support faculty and students in the First Year Seminar classes.  28 SSMs guide first year students in adjusting to college, getting to know the campus and resources, and mapping their academic futures.
    2013 - 2014
    • Howard Wach, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, assumes leadership of CTL when Associate Dean Bret Eynon takes on new responsibilities in Provost’s Office.
    • CTL supporting 246 faculty in 7 year-long seminars, 3 semester-long seminars, mini-grants, and intensive workshops focused on advising.
    • The New to College seminar is launched, serving 33 faculty engaged in creating a new, First Year Seminar that links an introduction to the major with advisement and orientation to college learning. 
    • In both the Art of Advising and New to College seminars, CTL staff support College-wide effort to foster greater collaboration between the Divisions of Academic and Student Affairs.  
    • On May 2, 2014, CTL hosts the 10th annual CUNY Undergraduate Education Conference (CUE). Over 600 participants attended  95 presentations organized around the conference theme of “Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom”.
    • Volume 6 of In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning, comprised of articles and memoirs focused on the teaching and learning of STEM disciplines, is published.
    2012 - 2013
    • CTL organizes first hybrid Instructional Staff Meeting focusing on MOOCs, Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative (OLI), Hybrid/Online Learning and Teaching and LaGuardia, and ePortfolio in the Hybrid/Online classroom
    • Center supporting 180 faculty in 9 year-long seminars
    • Seven programs receive mini-grants to develop program specific ePortfolio initiatives and/or revise curricula based on recommendations stemming from Periodic Program Reviews
    • New seminars launched: Strengthening Core Learning, year-long Art of Advising
    2011 - 2012
    • CTL staff continue to work with 4 CUNY partner colleges on Title V funded Making Transfer Connections project designed to strengthen three areas pivotal to transfer success: instruction, advisement, and assessment
    • In Year Two of Connect to Learning, 24 colleges from across the country participate in a CTL-led, FIPSE-funded collaboration designed to strengthen reflective ePortfolio practice on multiple campuses and generate a national developmental model of best practice in the field
    • At the January, 2012 AAC&U conference, the Connect to Learning team presented the first draft of the national developmental model for ePortfolio implementation
    • In the Carnegie Seminar on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, science and math faculty begin two-year inquiry into classroom practice, designed to culminate in SoTL publications
    • Center supports 268 faculty in 11 year-long and 5 semester-long seminars
    • Six programs receive mini-grants to develop program specific ePortfolio initiatives and/or revise curricula based on recommendations stemming from Periodic Program Reviews
    2010 - 2011
    • Major Title V and FIPSE grants enable Center to initiate Making Transfer Connections and Connect to Learning projects
    • Center Director Dr. Bret Eynon gives keynote address at ePortfolios Australia 2010 Conference
    • In Transit Volume 5 published in Spring 2011
    • Center supports 375 faculty participating in 12 year-long and 5 semester-long seminars
    • Seven programs receive mini-grants to develop program specific ePortfolio initiatives and/or revise curricula based on recommendations stemming from Periodic Program Reviews
    • New seminars launched: Community 2.0, Connected Learning: ePortfolio and Integrative Pedagogy, Cultivating the Hybrid Learning Environment, Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum, Teaching the City: Rethinking Urban Studies
    2009 - 2010
    • In Transit Volume 4 published in Fall 2009
    • Center wins CUNY grant to develop hybrid courses
    • Making Connections project expands to include additional 3 CUNY and 7 non-CUNY colleges
    • Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Annual conference co-sponsored by Center
    • Number of LaGuardia students who have created ePortfolios exceeds 35,000
    • Affiliated programs: Integrating Basic Skills and Career Training
    • Center supports 18 faculty development seminars for 327 participants
    • New seminars launched: Designed for Learning 2.0, Art of Advising, Capstone Fellows, PQL Advanced Leadership
    2008 - 2009
    • In Transit Volume 3 published in Fall 2008
    • Title V CCRAA grants support CTL faculty development work with math and learning communities faculty
    • Making Connections project expands to include additional 4 CUNY and 6 non-CUNY colleges
    • Center offers 7 mini-grants to programs throughout the college developing and improving assignments for assessing student work and utilizing ePortfolios
    • Project Quantum Leap Sampler published
    • Center staff support Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) online professional development with Tacoma Community College, Washington
    • Center supports 18 faculty development seminars for 326 participants
    • New seminars launched: Connecting Students, Connecting Classrooms: The Engaged ePortfolio, ePortfolio Mini-Grants, Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop, Mini-Seminar on Hybrid/Online Teaching, Web 2.0 Mini-Seminar
    2007 - 2008
    • LaGuardia and Center receive third Title V for Project RISE (Re-Invigorating the Second Year Experience) integrating ePortfolio with development of capstone courses, advisement, and assessment
    • FIPSE awards Center grant to develop “Making Connections: ePortfolios for Learning and Transfer” First cohort includes 4 CUNY colleges and 6 colleges from throughout the NYC metropolitan area.
    • CUNY grant supports CUNY-wide ePortfolio seminar
    • Launch of the Making Connections National Resource Center on Inquiry, Reflection, and Integrative Education includes a two-day conference at LaGuardia, attended by over 600 national and international participants, organized by Center
    • Affiliated Programs: Grant Development for Faculty and Staff, and Human Resources’ Leadership Development
    • Center supports 23 faculty development seminars for 265 participants
    • New seminars launched: Capstone, Computer Information Science ePortfolio, CUNY-wide ePortfolio, ePortfolio in the Professions, ePortfolio Scholars, Focus on Learning Communities, Making Connections, Rethinking the Internship Experience
    2006 - 2007
    • FIPSE-funded Project Quantum Leap, supporting math faculty to develop authentic, engaging activities for students learning basic math, begins three-year cycle
    • CUNY grant awarded to support Digital Storytelling initiative
    • Ford Foundation-funded Difficult Dialogues project helps Center and the college support faculty, students and broader community address religious issues in classroom and beyond
    • Center programs play key role in LaGuardia’s selection as recipient for 2006 MetLife Community College Excellence Award and the 2007 Bellwether Award for Instructional Innovation awarded by the Community College Futures Association
    • Affiliated Seminar: ePortfolio in the Liberty Partnership Program
    • Center supports 19 faculty development seminars for 245 participants
    • New seminars launched: Project Quantum Leap, Building Information Literacy in the Disciplines, ePortfolio Leadership Colloquium, Difficult Dialogues, New Student Seminar
    2005 - 2006
    • Pilot issue of In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning published in Fall 2005, with seed money provided by Visible Knowledge Project
    • Second issue of In Transit published in Spring 2006
    • Center supports 14 faculty development seminars for 209 participants
    • New seminars launched: Carnegie Seminar on Inquiry, Scholarship and the Learning Portfolio, Digital Storytelling, Fundamentals of Professional Advancement, Oral Communication across the Curriculum
    2004 - 2005
    • Designed for Learning Sampler, collected activities by LaGuardia faculty integrating pedagogy and technology, published by Center
    • First CUNY-wide General Education conference is hosted and co-organized by the Center with Professor Lee Knefelkamp of Teachers College, Columbia University, presenting keynote address on integrative learning
    • Center staff lead CUNY-wide Research Seminar on integrative learning
    • Center introduces digital storytelling as pedagogical tool and supports variety of related faculty initiatives
    • Center supports 11 faculty development seminars for 184 participants
    • New seminars launched: ePortfolio Explorer, ePortfolio Academies in Business and Technology and Liberal Arts and Allied Health
    2003 - 2004
    • Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence for the Enhancement of Undergraduate Education Center awarded to Center by TIAA-CREF
    • Center selected to participate in three-year collaboration with AAC&U and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s Integrative Learning Project
    • ePortfolio initiative expands as key element in LaGuardia's First Year Academy
    • Center becomes founding member of Inter/National Coalition For Electronic Portfolio Research
    • Center supports 14 faculty development seminars for 220 participants
    • New seminars launched: Advisement in the Major, Experiential Education, First Year Academy/ePortfolio, New Faculty Colloquium,  Re-visioning Math Education
    2002 - 2003
    • Center develops collaboration with Museum of Modern Art, "Looking with MoMA"
    • "Conversations on Teaching and Learning" weekly Brown Bag series of faculty and staff presentations on pedagogy initiated
    • LaGuardia's college-wide ePortfolio initiative, coordinated by the Center, is piloted
    • Center supports 7 faculty development seminars for 81 participants
    • Affiliated Programs: Freshmen and Virtual Interest Groups (FIGS and VIGS), Online Disability Students Pilot
    • New seminars launched: ePortfolio Pilot, Adjunct workshops
    2001 - 2002
    • CETT mission expands to address a broader range of pedagogical and professional growth issues. CETT changes name to LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).
    • LaGuardia and CTL win second five-year Title V grant, a cooperative arrangement with NYC College of Technology/CUNY for "Introduction of Student Electronic Portfolios"
    • Beginning this year, the ongoing Student Technology Mentor (STM) program annually trains an average of 40 students providing classroom support and guidance to 150 faculty exploring the use of digital media
    • ePortfolio Faculty Research Team formed, chaired by Professor Maureen Doyle
    • Online Disability Studies project, serving workers in group homes, forms planning group
    • Affiliated Program: Writing in the Disciplines
    •  New seminars launched: DFL Fellows, Critical Thinking across the Curriculum, Reading across the Curriculum
    2000 - 2001
    • Center launches first full-year professional development seminar – Designed for Learning - for 22 faculty participants
    • 21 STMs trained to provide support to faculty
    • Center’s Director, Bret Eynon, co-directs the Visible Knowledge Project (VKP) national project aimed at improving the quality of college and university teaching in conjunction with nationwide Scholarship of Teaching and Learning movement
    1999 - 2000
    • Center for Excellence in Teaching with Technology (CETT) founded at LaGuardia Community College with funding from Title V, Hispanic Serving Institutions grant from U.S. Department of Education
    • Designed for Learning (DFL) seminar pilot launched with 10 faculty participants.
    • Student Technology Mentor program initiated with 6 students trained to provide classroom support and guidance for faculty exploring the use of digital media