• From Seminar to Scholarship

  • Faculty and staff participating in professional programs at LaGuardia’s Center for Teaching and Learning draw from seminar experiences to develop their research and practice, and subsequently present or publish their work.

    Featured Faculty Scholars

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    Dr. J. Elizabeth Clark, English
    The Digital Imperative: Making the Case for a 21st Century Pedagogy
    This article represents the 2009 culmination of my 9 year journey in teaching with technology. I am not done on my journey! Everyday, I learn something new and think about incorporating new and different technologies in my classroom.
    Victoria Badalamenti, Liz Iannotti, and Heather Barikmo, TELC
    Making Wikis Work for Your Program: Bridging Administration and Instruction
    Inspired by work we did in the CTL's Web 2.0 mini-seminar in Spring 2009, staff from the English Language Center (TELC) used PBWorks to design a departmental administrative wiki.
    Dr. Sree Ande and Dr. Mangala Kothari, Mathematics
    Scientific and Technological Applications in Teaching Mathematics
    Participation in CTL’s Project Quantum Leap (PQL) seminar inspired us to develop this work. We have in fact used the activity projects that were developed during the seminars to show how we can teach basic mathematics courses...
    Dr. Naomi Greenberg and Dr. Sherrell Powell, Health Sciences
    ePortfolio: A Tool to Support Best Practice in Occupational Therapy Education
    Our work in seminars over the years enabled us to make the time to actually connect and was one of the factors that led us to collaborate to write the article...
    Dr. Ana María Hernández, Education and Language Acquisition
    Ballet Nacional de Cuba: National Identity and Global Projections
    I learned to do PowerPoint and incorporate graphics during my CTL seminars, and the STM (Student Technology Mentor) who worked with me was very helpful with design tips and suggestions for the YouTube segments....
    Ellen Quish, Adult Learning Center
    Electronic Portfolios in the Adult Education Classroom
    Social Media, Project-based Learning, and ePortfolios in Adult Education are topics of an article and presentations developed by the Adult Learning Center's Ellen Quish
    Ralph Mitchell, Health Sciences
    Shot of Recognition: A Niche Confirmed in Service to an Injured Officer
    As a result of the Center I was able to expand my skills helping me bridge the gap between students and professors.