Effective as of Fall I 2021

    Students must meet the following requirements/guidelines:

    1. Students must fill out the "NC Grade Request form" found at the bottom of this page from February 25, 2022, to March 10, 2022 for Fall Session II, and email the form to NC Grade at NCgrade@lagcc.cuny.edu.
    2. Students must continue attending the class, complete all assignments, and take the final examination. Only an earned failing grade (F) can convert to "NC" grade, with no credit awarded. No other grades are eligible under this policy.
    3. The option to take a course as "NC" grade will be offered to students for a maximum of 4 credits, or 1 class.
      1. Non-credit bearing remedial classes will not be included in the "NC" option.
    4. Matriculated students with an "NC" grade already in their transcripts will not be able to use this option.
    5. The "NC" credits are counted towards enrollment but not counted towards students' academic progress.
    6. An "NC" grade from College Now or Early College Initiative programs prior to matriculation at the college does not count towards the "NC" cap as outlined in 5
    7. Faculty will submit their grades by following the LAGCC standard grading glossary. "NC" grade will be assigned administratively by the Registrar to qualified students who opt in between February 25, 2022, to March 10, 2022. No special action will be needed by faculty.

    Please note that the "NC" grade will not impact student’s financial aid and will not be calculated in the students’ Grade Point Average at LAGCC. However, when the student transfers to another institution, the "NC" grade may be treated as an "F" grade.

    All clinical phase courses in Nursing, LPN, OTA, PTA, Rad Tech, and Vet Tech (course prefixes: SCL, SCO, SCR, SCT, SCV, SCX) are excluded.
    Note: SCV101 is not in the clinical phase and thus not excluded.

    Note: Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their Academic and Financial Aid Advisors before choosing the No Credit option.