In order to succeed in the Medical Coding Certificate Program, you need to have basic knowledge of the healthcare industry. The test below helps determine if you are on track to preparing for the medical coding exam. You must get at least 16 questions correct to be eligible for the Medical Coding Certificate Program.


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    Screening Test


    Please select the correct answer or answers.

    1. Which of the following countries uses pluralistic reimbursement payment methods? 


    2. The National Health Insurance Model is used by:


    3. If your plan has a $100 deductible and your co-insurance is 30%, you use $1,000 in services


    4. Which is correct about fee-for services plans


    5. The Medicare Part A provides hospital benefits up to


    6. Who is eligible to apply for Medicare and Medicaid?


    7. Which of the following is not considered an essential health benefit under ACA


    8. Which of the following eliminates the need for Medigap coverage for Medicare beneficiaries?


    9. If a Healthcare personal does not comply with the HIPPA privacy rule could receive


    10. A document that explains your organization's rules for releasing a patient's medical information is called


    11. Until what age can a young adult stay on a parent's health insurance plan?


    12.  The Primary role of HIPPA Privacy Rule is



    Matching Questions

    13.Deliver community-based primary and/or wellness care regardless of patient's ability to pay


    14. Responsible to improve the quality of care and reduce Medicare, Medicaid & CHIP expenditures


    15. Team of care providers that provides comprehensive and continuous medical care


    PCMHH (Patient-Centered Medical/Health Home)
    NMHC (Nurse-Managed Health Clinic)
    CMMI (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation)


    Billing Questions


    1. The standard office visit fee for a procedure is $1400. Your physician is contracting with ABC insurance and the fee schedule is $1275, what would the contractual adjustment be?


    2. If both parents have Health insurance the parent whose insurance is primary is the:


    3. On a CMS 1500 claim form, what block is used for diagnosis codes?


    4. If a patient's last name is Henderson, but on their insurance card it says Hendersen, you should use the correct spelling on the claim form, and not what's on the insurance card.


    5. A Medicare patient is seen by as non-participating physician who accepts assignment. The office fee is $100 and the Medicare allowable is $80. Assuming the beneficiary has not met their annual deductible, the office would bill the patient for:


    6. If a patient carries insurance the carrier is ultimately responsible for paying the bill.


    7. Preservation of medical records is governed by state and local laws. Individual states generally set a minimum of 7 to 10 years for keeping records.