The New York State Displaced Homemakers Program at LaGuardia offers free services for women and men to advance their job skills and re-enter today’s competitive labor market. This is a unique opportunity for you to build marketable job skills, regain momentum after periods of unemployment or disengagement from the workforce, and get on a career path.

    What We Provide

    • Certificate in Microsoft Office Applications
    • Development of a career path and counseling
    • Job search strategies, readiness, referrals and placement
    • Life skills and personal development workshops to overcome difficulties, enhance work skills and become employable

    Track Record of Success

    We have a solid reputation among the business community and individuals we have served.
    • We have helped hundreds of participating adults successfully integrate into corporate, nonprofit and service careers as a direct result of the skills and confidence gained through the program
    • We have experience dealing with the critical challenges affecting women and men in transition from one job to another, and have become a lifeline for those who wish to jump start or advance their career

    The New York State Displaced Homemakers Program is funded through the New York State Department of Labor and is offered free to participants.