Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses at LaGuardia Community College offers Strategies to Accelerate Revenue, an actual 10,000 Small Businesses class for 1) those who are interested in sampling the program before deciding to apply or 2) those who have already decided to apply and would like more detail on the program and how the classroom is run.

    To create a high growth company, business owners need the mindset, tools and resources iconic CEOs use every day to take their corporations to the next level. Achieving high growth is a choice. Once the decision is made, a new set of skills, focus and discipline is required to deliver and sustain high growth.

    This session allows business owners to test drive a sample class of the internationally renowned Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. Warren Buffett, the program’s Chairman of the Board, explains that business owners are provided with best in class business management education, coupled with business support services. Along with access to capital, the program positions companies to go to the next level.

    During this session, you'll get to identify your most pressing barriers to growth in your business. You'll also come away with practical steps, new tools and resources, and a plan to put into motion to affect change immediately in your organization. Find out if 10,000 Small Businesses is your next step in businesses development.

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