Please check back regularly for future program enrollment periods. Below are the upcoming cohorts and dates. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 718-730-7400 or 10ksb@lagcc.cuny.edu.

    Cohort 34 – Curriculum Schedule

    Application deadline: Thursday, June 10, 2021

    Interview day*: Thursday, August 5, 2021

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and interviews are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Candidates not included in the current round will be moved to the next round. Please submit your completed application as soon as possible.

    The 15-week program for Cohort 34 will be delivered virtually, via Zoom. The Zoom links will be provided for all classes, clinics/ workshops and office hours. Below are just the Zoom links for the Opening and Closing webinars. The weekly class schedule is outlined below, but the times are subject to change. If any change happens, we will notify you immediately. We often have the opportunity to have a special guest join us and therefore, the start or end times might be extended. All classes/ sessions, clinics and mini-peer group meetings are mandatory.



    (*see below)


    Onboarding -
    Special 2-hour session covering:

    Program Code of Conduct/ Introduction to Basecamp/Zoom and other housekeeping items

    Friday, September 3
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 1 - Mod O:
    Orientation & Welcome

    Tuesday, September 7
    9.00AM - 11.15AM

    Friday, September 10
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 2 - Mod 1:
    You & Your Business

    Monday, September 13
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, September 17
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 3 - Mod 2:
    Growth & Opportunities

    Monday, September 20
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, September 24
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 4 - FSW:
    Financial Statements Workshop

    Monday, September 27
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, October 1
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 5 - Mod 3:
    Money & Metrics

    Monday, October 4
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    CEO Role Play
    Wednesday, October 6
    9.00AM - 9.30AM

    Monday, October 8
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 6 - Clinic/ Negotiations
    You Are the Lender Clinic/
    Negotiations Session I

    Monday, October 11th
    Columbus Holiday -
    College Closed

    You Are the Lender
    Wednesday, October 13
    10.00AM - 1.00PM

    Negotiations Session I
    Friday, October 15
    9.00AM - 1.00PM

    Week 7 - Mod 4:
    You Are The Leader and

    Monday, October 18
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, October 22
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 8 - Mod 5:
    It’s The People

    Monday, October 25
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, October 29
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 9 - Clinic
    Legal Clinic: Human Resources
    and Employment Matters

    Legal/ HR Clinic
    Thursday, November 4
    10.00AM - 1.00PM

    Week 10 - Mod 6:
    Marketing & Selling

    Monday, November 8
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, November 12
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 11 - Mod 7: Operations & Processes

    Monday, November 15 9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, November 19
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Break Week - November 22-26


    Week 12 - Mod 8:
    Being Bankable

    Monday, November 29
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Friday, December 3
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 13 - Mod 9A: Action for
    Growth/Negotiations Session II

    Monday, December 6
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Negotiations Session II
    Thursday, December 9
    9.00AM - 1.00PM

    Friday, December 10
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Week 14 - Mod 9B:
    Putting It All Together/Ceremony of Success

    Monday, December 13
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Tuesday, December 14
    9.00AM - 11.00AM

    Wednesday, December15
    9.00AM - 12.00PM

    Opening webinars are always on a Monday, unless otherwise noted above.

    *Mid-week sessions: These will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted. These days will comprise of paired partner activities and videos which you can do at your convenience. Faculty office hours will be confirmed during the week of the module, but always on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted. Thursdays will be a 60 to 90-minute mini-peer group meeting. The exact time is still to be determined.

    *Closing webinars will take place on a Friday, unless otherwise noted above.