• College Discovery Services

    We offer counseling and tutoring in the College Discovery Resource Center as well as a private computer lab and printing services (10-page maximum). We’re here to help you with anything you need, including specific courses, career options, personal problems and more.

  • Counseling

    As a CD student, you will be assigned a counselor in your first semester at LaGuardia, and you’ll work with the same counselor until graduation. Counseling appointments and walk-ins welcome!

    Individual Counseling
    Meet one-on-one with your counselor to address personal, academic and career concerns, such as:

    • Identifying your interests and abilities and exploring appropriate major and career options
    • Adjusting to college and your new academic environment
    • Coping with personal problems, including family conflict, loss, loneliness, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression, health concerns, and alcohol and drug use
    • Understanding the College’s policies, procedures and financial aid

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  • Two students sitting

  • Tutoring

    We offer one-on-one and group tutoring for anyone in the College Discovery program who needs some extra help in the classes listed below.

    Student Status Contacts Per Semester
    Non-skills certified (remedial courses) 10 hours
    Probation 10 hours
    All other CD students 6 hours

    Fall I 20222 Tutoring Schedule

    Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
    Brandon Persaud

    10AM - 5:30PM 10AM-5PM  10AM - 5PM

    Remedial Math

    MAT - 095 MAT - 096 MAT - 099
    Introduction to Algebra Elementary Algebra Fundamentals of Algebra

    Algebra / Trigonometry

    MAT - 112 MAT - 115 MAT - 117
    College Algebra with Modeling College Algebra and Trigonometry Algebra and Trigonometry


    MAT - 118 MAT - 119 MAT - 120 MAT - 121
    Introductory Statistics Statistics with Elementary Algebra Elementary Statistics 1 Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis for Engineers


    BTA - 111 BTA - 112
    Principles of Accounting I Principles of Accounting II


    MAT - 200


    MAT - 201 MAT - 202 MAT - 203
    Calculus I Calculus II Calculus III

    Advanced Math

    MAT - 204 MAT - 210 MAT - 231 MAT - 241 MAT - 242
    Elementary Differential Equations Linear Algebra Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Structures Technical Mathematics I Technical Mathematics II

    Communication Skills

    CSE - 095 CSE - 099 CSE - 105 CSE - 110 CSE - 150
    Essentials of Reading I Essentials of Reading II Vocabulary Enhancement Literacy and Propaganda Evolution of the Reading Experience

    English Language Arts

    ELL / ESL / ESA / ESC ENG - 099 ENG - 101 ENG - 102 Higher ENG
    English as a Second Language Basic Writing Composition 1 Composition 2 - Writing Through Literature Poetry, Literature et.al.


    SCB - 101 SCB - 115 SCB - 201 SCB - 202 SCB - 203
    Topics in Biological Sciences Principles of Biology General Bio I General Bio II Human A&P I


    SCC - 101 SCC - 110 SSC - 201 SSC - 202
    Topics in Chemistry Foundations of Chemistry General Chemistry I General Chemistry II

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    Tutor (Math & Accounting)
    Syed Hussain
    Tutor (Math & Science)
    Chelsea Astudillo
    Tutor (English)
    Anthony Almedia
    Tutor (Science)
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