Allison Minto

My approach in capturing the essence of places has completely changed. I often wonder how I can bring viewers along with me on a journey through photography; how can I make them “feel” like they are right there with me.

This experience has allowed to me dedicate time to focus solely on photography. It is a rare opportunity like this that has allowed me to focus my craft without distractions.

Annie Wu

The people of the Arctic Village truly touched my heart. We were welcomed with open arms and hearts. I will never forget my camping experience with the natives. I was taught how to gut ground squirrels, cook them, and eat it the way that they did. They gave me a nickname of “little ground squirrel.”

Being in Alaska has inspired me to work on more personal project ideas. I want to continue to tell the stories of people. Everyone's story is important, and I want to present them in an honest way that gives it meaning.

Enrique Rosas

As an immigrant from Mexico, the nature I left behind was something that was not readily available to me growing up in New York City. In Alaska, I had the opportunity to be immersed in nature once again. To me, this is a very important experience, to reconnect with something I left behind.

As a photography student and lover of the photographic medium, this adventure has expanded my vision as an artist. When speaking with some of the other students who went on this trip with me, we all speak of returning to Alaska, to the land and the people who took us in and taught us the beauty of the land.

Gabriel Ponte-Fleary

In Alaska, I had the great opportunity to witness the awesomeness of God’s creation. To see one of the most beautiful landscapes mostly untouched by mankind, to meet new people and learn a new way of life, and capture all that through my lens.

The way of life for people in Alaska is simple and humble, and this trip helped me to be grateful for everything I have. To appreciate the little things, like a hot shower. But most important, to have a connection with the nature—breathing pure air was priceless.

George Mohr

The landscape of Alaska is beautiful and unique. Encountering this landscape provided me a fresh opportunity to hone my skills as a photographer and artist. The images that I made are my personal response. I believe that people viewing my images will be able to grasp my feelings and my reaction to the place called Alaska.

The scientists of the Prince William Sound Science Center and the indigenous people living in the arctic made it clear to me that climate change is an actual event and demands a direct and personal response. I believe that it is the responsibility of photographers to aid those without a direct experience with wilderness to understand the need and importance for our society to take action. It is my hope that my digital images will in some way achieve this goal.

Gianni Sanchez

This experience has been an unforgettable one for me. I was able to fully immerse myself in a culture other than my own, step outside of my comfort zone, and see the world with a different perspective. This trip has inspired me to look for different approaches when it comes to my own photography and continue to develop my techniques and styles.

Lauren Auerbach

While in Alaska seeing the many beautiful landscapes inspired me to capture and share it with others to help spread the knowledge about preserving the land and the surrounding ecosystem. This trip has impacted me tremendously in wanting to see more of the world and accomplish more in life. I want to travel to different places to take pictures and do my own photojournalism work as this trip has improved on my photography skills tremendously.

Machi Versano

There were so many ways that this trip influenced me and it will stay with me forever. Being among the natives made me realize that we are all one. Everything we do is connected to one another. I saw it in how the native people took and used everything from the land. And I saw it in the beauty of an untouched eco-system.

As a photographer and artist, I feel this experience confirmed what I love in life. I'm interested in the world and our interaction with it. I want to capture its beauty through my lens in the most artistic way possible.

Maria Hernandez

Through spending time with Gwich’in people, I learned about their culture, such as their respect for their elders and keeping traditions. I learned about climate change by hearing the locals talk about how this affects their daily lives or how the Arctic Village is the last piece of wilderness that hasn’t been touched by oil companies.

HThis experience has changed me profoundly. It has helped me become stronger in my photography skills and positively changed the way I feel about documentary photography. I hope one day to have the opportunity to go back to Alaska and continue my exploration of the wilderness.

Matthew Vicari

Cordova is small commercial fishing town brimming with friendly locals who will gladly invite you into their home and share with you stories of them growing up in Alaska. Arctic Village is like stepping foot into another world. Integrating with and learning from the people in both places was heartwarming.

All the beauty that lives and breathes in Alaska cannot all be experienced in a single lifetime, or told from the perspective of a single photographer. With the time I spent there, my hope is to convey the magnificence of nature. Visiting Alaska has reinvigorated my passion for nature, and even if I can offer just a taste to those who get to see my photography.

Paul Howard

I expected this trip to be a way for me to improve my people skills and physical abilities while viewing amazing scenery, but it was so much more. It’s an experience I will remember for a lifetime.

This expedition to Alaska also taught me about myself in terms of my technique in taking pictures. Being there was the first time I have taken landscape pictures and aside from the pictures of the natives. The natives were extremely friendly and made it easy for me to feel at home. The food was also an adventure and it was the first time that I tried caribou and moose.

Pilar Finch

As a young photographer, Alaska was so much more than I anticipated. The trip through Cordova and Arctic Village has given me a glimpse into what kind of photography I would like to venture in to. I have begun to figure out ways to travel back to Alaska to continue what I only scratched the surface of, while simultaneously considering where else in the world I would like to see next.

Being around a different culture and sharing these experiences with my friends and colleagues is unforgettable. The trip was only possible with cooperation and help we provided to each other. We would lend a hand with cooking and making sure we all had enough water while we were out, and together we would speak of any concerns about our personal projects, as well as seek constructive critiques of each other’s work with great insightful feedback. It truly was a bonding experience between all of us.