• The Women's Center

    At the Women's Center, we aim to promote awareness of women's issues and educate the campus community on gender equality. Our ultimate goal is to make our campus a safe, welcoming space for everyone. If you would like to get involved or are in need of support, learn more about us below or come stop by our office.

  • What We Do

    We provide support services, cultural presentations, lectures and workshops in addition to sponsoring events and encouraging conversation and dialogue. In everything we do, we rely on a Holistic Personal Wellness Model that takes into account the physical, emotional, social, environmental, intellectual and academic aspects of a student's life.

    We encourage all students to become involved and participate in Women's Center activities, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or physical ability.

    Throughout the academic year, the Women's Center sponsors a number of events and activities:
    • Feature films and documentaries
    • Gentle yoga and guided meditation
    • Business and dining etiquette workshops
    • Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    • Women's History Month

    Check the College events calendar for upcoming events.

    We can help guide you in the right direction and provide referrals for a number of issues, including:

  • Student Focusing

  • Students learning from each other

  • GRACE Leadership Program

    The GRACE Leadership Program is an opportunity for students to develop and hone their critical thinking and leadership skills with the ultimate goal of providing confidence and a sense of empowerment that will translate beyond the classroom. The GRACE Leadership Program also allows you to build lasting relationships with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals while building your resume.

    To apply, complete this form and email it to jdeleon@lagcc.cuny.edu with the subject line “GRACE Leadership Application” or drop it off at Room MB-10.

    The GRACE program’s ultimate goal is to provide confidence and a sense of empowerment that will translate beyond the classroom. The program also aims for participants to build lasting relationships with like-minded, goal-oriented individuals; it is also an impressive, worthwhile addition to a student résumé.

    Upon successful completion of the entire GRACE Leadership Program, students will receive a GRACE Leadership pin, a certificate of achievement, and for select participants, a year-long membership of a professional journal related to their respective academic major.

    The GRACE program consists of an orientation, four experiential workshops, a civic engagement opportunity of the student's choosing, and an end-of-semester celebration.

    Along with attending the workshop series, student leaders are expected to complete a civic engagement opportunity of their choosing. Opportunities include volunteering at the Women's Center, assisting with voter registration, or participation in the Mom's Christmas Stocking Campaign, where students help decorate and stuff Christmas stockings with donated items for the Women in Need (WIN) organization.

    Though students may attend any individual workshop, those who attend three out of four workshops, submit a written essay and complete the civic engagement requirement will have completed the program. For those who attend all the workshops, in addition to complying with the other components of the program, will receive a one-year annual membership to a professional organization associated with their major.