• Lives We Celebrate, Now and Forever

  • Susan Young (d.2020)
    Professor, English Department

    Sue arrived at LaGuardia as an adjunct and quickly became a full-time faculty member. She was one of the earlier Co-Directors of Composition (1992-1998) under Dr. Sandra Hanson, and the Department and our writing program grew while she held that position. Sue became Chief Reader at LaGuardia and was instrumental in the transition from the WAT to the ACT, and again to the CATW, which she helped develop. She was also the main support for the CPE (CUNY Proficiency Exam) which LaGuardia eventually mastered. She was also a Senior Faculty Fellow at the CUNY Central Office of Institutional Assessment.

    Portrait shot of Catherine Otis Farrell

    William Levy Hamilton (d. 2020)
    Dean of Students, retired 

    Portrait shot of Louis Lucca

    Louis Lucca (d. 2020)
    Professor, Director of the Communication Studies Program

    Dr. Lucca was the Director of the Communication Studies Program and The Speech Center at the College. Dr. Lucca’s work was, in every instance, based on his desire and ability to communicate. He was the author and zealous guardian of the A.A. degree in Communication Studies, an innovation in community college.