• Student Achievement & Data Dashboards

    The Student Achievement dashboards provides interactive and visual information on student outcomes and measures such as graduation and retention. These highly interactive dashboards allow users to drill down and filter to allow detailed exploration. We hope you spend some time browsing and enjoying the site. We invite your comments and welcome suggestions on how we can continue to improve the tool.

  • Fall Cohorts Tracking, 2012

    Cohort Graduation & Retention

    Fall cohorts from 2012 are tracked by semester from their initial starting term. Graduates and early transfers (those transferring to another college prior to graduating from LaGuardia) are cumulative in subsequent semesters.

    Cohort types include:
    1. First-time full-time
    2. First-time part-time
    3. Transfer-in full-time
    4. Transfer-in part-time

    Filters include initial major and demographics of the students by age at cohort, gender and race/ethnicity. This dashboard is consistent with and contains all the data that was in “triangle-tables” shown in the Institutional Profile.

  • Course Success

    Course Success Rates

    Course sections grades are displayed for the aggregate success rate for students by courses with more than one section. Success is defined as D or above.
    Data can be filtered by term or displayed as an aggregate of multiple terms. The dashboard also includes a visualization of letter grades by course.

  • Degree-Seeking Students Enrollment

    Student Enrollment Profile

    Student enrollment from 2012 onward by term allows filtering on all demographics such as gender; ethnicity, residence, admission type, full-time/part-time status, degree and major.

  • Enrolled Students by NYS High School Origin

    Enrolled Students by NYS High School of Origin

    For those students who attended a New York high school, the data are displayed by county/NY Borough, neighborhood and name of high school. High schools are mapped into zip codes as well as individual location.

  • Degree Seeking Students Graduation

    Degree Seeking Students Graduation Profile

    This dashboard displays the students who received a certificate or an associate degree by academic year. Filters include gender, graduating major, degree and academic year.

  • Cohort Majors

    Migration from Starting Major to Graduating Major

    This dashboard displays the students who received a certificate or an associates degree by academic year by their starting cohort major. As many student migrate from their initial major, this visualization allows a quick understanding of the magnitude of the flows from initial cohort major through to graduation. Note: the data set ONLY includes graduates.