• About The Learning & Innovation Center in Long Island City (LIC²)

    The Learning & Innovation Center at LaGuardia Community College is a meeting ground for businesses, students and the community to learn, work, create and grow, with opportunity for collaboration, mentoring and networking.

    We offer education and workforce training in high demand sectors; a diverse talent pool that can fill industry skills gaps; resources and support for small businesses and startups; a 5,000 square foot prototype lab for manufacturers and makers; and opportunities for industries and the community to gather for events that promote the sharing of ideas and collaboration.

    Career Skills & Workforce Training
    Innovative training programs, taught by experts in the field, that provide the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience needed to enter into high demand industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, construction and more.

    Connect to College
    Rigorous and high quality High School Equivalency, Pre-College and English Language Learning programs and courses that offer the knowledge, skills and support needed to achieve your educational goals and move forward in life.

    Career Coach at LaGuardia
    Online resource that matches strengths and interests with various industries and career paths. Provides up-to-date labor and career information as well as associated education and training programs at LaGuardia Community College.

    Small Business & Entrepreneur Services
    Resources and support for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to grow their companies and be successful.

    LIC2 Business & Community Networks
    Building the future workforce in New York City through strategic partnerships with small, medium and large businesses and organizations to promote workforce development.