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    Screening Test


    Please select the correct answer or answers.

    1. How many individual wires are in a CAT6a cable?


    2. What device connects two different networks together?


    3. The unique hardware identifier on a NIC is called a ___________


    4. Which of the following IP addresses is not reserved for private networks?


    5. What type of cable uses LED light?


    6. Why do we use networks?


    7. Which color cable is not found in standard UTP network cable?


    8. What is the minimum category UTP cable for 1000 Mbps ethernet?


    9. How are IPv4 addresses commonly displayed?


    10. Which of the following protocols is used to send email on TCP port 25?


    11. What port is used for RDP?


    12. What command will show you your mapped drives?


    13. Which type of cable is the most susceptible to electromagnetic interference?


    14. Which TCP/IP protocol is used by a web browser to communicate with a web server?


    15. How many bits are used in an IPv4 address?


    16. What is the correct syntax for a UNC path?


    17. What command is used to test the reachability of a host on a network?


    18. What command is used to verify domain name server records?


    19. A user is reporting issues accessing network resources. Which tool would best assist in locating the issue?


    20. A network where multiple client devices are also sharing resources with each other is called a ____________ network.