• Learning Matters Assignment Library Launches!

  • On October 2, 2017, LaGuardia launched its new Learning Matters Assignment Library! The Assignment Library is a new faculty-generated online resource housed within CUNY Academic Works. It responds directly to faculty requests for examples of assignments that model ways to address our Core Competencies and Communication Abilities, and is part of the college-wide effort to build the higher-order thinking capacities students need for 21st century success.  

    Contributions to the Library emerged from CTL seminars, Learning Matters Mini-Grants, and departmental assignment development workshops. Currently, 19 assignments from a wide range of disciplines are included, and we plan to continue to build and grow the Library. For those who are interested, published assignments count as a college contribution. 

    We encourage you to view the Library at: shortlib.org/s/assignmentlibrary. The site is fully searchable and presents assignments in ways that will make them highly useful to other faculty. 

    Please contact Ece Aykol (English) at eaykol@lagcc.cuny.edu and Cristina Di Meo (Academic Affairs) at cdimeo@lagcc.cuny.edu regarding the submission process.