• Taking College Teaching Seriously: Pedagogy Matters!

  • Taking College Teaching Seriously: Pedagogy Matters! is a project, platform and book that examines the impact of college teaching on student success. It's also a call to action to start a national conversation on the oft-overlooked importance of faculty in the changing landscape of higher education. Please watch to learn more.

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  • Professional Development Through Self-Reflective Practice

    Taking College Teaching Seriously utilizes a platform called the Notebook to help faculty reflect on their teaching practice, connect with other faculty around the country and improve their teaching in a non-evaluative context. With the Notebook, each professional records classroom lessons, shares documents used in the classroom, reflects on the practice and tags aspects of it based on five themes: Supportive, Varied, Organized and Challenging Classroom Environments and Evaluating Student Work. These tags become a common language for discussing teaching practice, as faculty peers, as well as mentors, access each other’s lessons to offer feedback and support.

  • "I think the continual self-evaluation and reflection allowed us to work together to brainstorm improvements and positive tweaks to be more purposeful in our classrooms as opposed to just randomly reaching in the dark for ideas and techniques in HOPE of success."

    -Claudia Delgado, Hudson County Community College

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    Learn More & Join the Conversation About the Importance of College Teaching

    Click here to learn more about the Taking College Teaching Seriously platform and the new book Taking College Teaching Seriously: Pedagogy Matters! ( Available on Amazon), which describes the evolution and design of the model in detail. 

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