• The Future of Faculty: Pedagogy Matters! 

  • America's College Promise

    President Obama’s historic call for two years of free community college for responsible Americans is mobilizing governors and mayors, business leaders, students, faculty and alumni to act. LaGuardia Community College is part of Heads Up, a grassroots campaign to gather support and demonstrate the impact that universal access to community colleges will have on the future of our country. Community colleges are economic engines; they not only open the doors of post-secondary education to all, they provide skills desired by employers and industries in the 21st century. It’s time to demand more support for community colleges and help keep the doors of higher education open to all.  

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  • Creating Pathways to Careers

    Community colleges are economic engines. A community college graduate will see around a $10,000 annual salary increase after earning an associates degree, increasing lifetime earning by almost half a million dollars. They also serve as pipelines to their local workforces, partnering with businesses, both small and large, to tailor curriculum, create internships and apprenticeships and provide students with the exact skills that employers seek.
  • initiative-job 

    Community colleges create pathways by offering preparation for high school equivalency exams, job placement for those who need immediate work and continued education towards a certificate or degree. 

  • initiative-workforce

    Business support programs, helping local businesses craft strategic plans and secure capital, further aid the economy by helping businesses grow and create jobs. 

  • initiative-graduation

    Mayor de Blasio’s Career Pathways Report cited LaGuardia’s GED Bridge to Health and Business program as an example of necessary bridges to the workforce for those without a high school diploma