Smart Partnerships + Cutting Edge Resources = Growth of NYC’s Tech Workforce

    Location is everything. LaGuardia is located at the heart of the Northeast’s tech universe- a stone’s throw from Cornell Tech AND New York City- the birthplace for some of the most high-profile startups. We’ve partnered with the best to deliver solutions, training resources, skilled employees and diligent interns to support the City’s tech boom.

    Industry Collaboration

    New York City continues to grab attention as the center of the tech universe and birthplace for some of the most high-profile startups.  At LaGuardia, we actively work to support the tech boom by educating and training students with keen interests, diverse backgrounds, and honed skills.
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    Trainings designed to meet your specs, rev employee value and boost your bottom line.

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    We’re educating and training the 21st century workforce: students with keen interests, diverse backgrounds, and honed skills. 

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    Your tech savvy talent. Our classrooms & students. Abundant potential.

  • Our Partners
    Our partners include public, private and nonprofit entities that leverage their connections with us to create opportunities for our students and growth for their businesses:

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    LIC small logo Vengo Small logo Coalition Small logo Rocket Hub Small logo Mana Small logo 

  • Profiled Partners

  • capital One Logo
    Capital One

    The partnership between Capital One Bank and NYDesigns was established in 2008. Over the past seven years, Capital One and NYDesigns have together served 94 students. Read More. 

  • Department of Environmental Protection Logo

    LaGuardia Community College’s Center for Contract Training created a series of customized skills development workshops for incumbent technology employees at DEP. Read More.

  • mana Products Logo
    Mana Products

    In September 2015, LaGuardia inaugurated the Mana Scholars Entrepreneurship Program, in partnership with Mana Products, a private label manufacturer. Read More.