• Cutting edge skills for the 21st century tech economy.  

    Every year, nearly 3,500 students enroll in tech-related programs at LaGuardia, choosing from over 175 tech-related courses. LaGuardia's students represent 127 countries, and speak 106 languages natively. They are united by a desire to learn new skills and advance their careers.

  • Gobinda Senchurry Computer Science Student
    Gobinda Senchurry
    Computer Science

    An entrepreneurial spirit led Gobinda to open a small business in Nepal with family, and also gave him first hand insight into the needs of other small business owners. Read More.

  • Hasan Hasibul Programming and Systems Student
    Hasan Hasibuls
    Programming & Systems

    My name is Hasan Hasibul. I arrived in New York City from Bangladesh in 2009 and knew that I wanted to study programming in the U.S. but was unsure of what my options. Read More.

  • Praveenkumar KhethavathComputer Science Professor
    Professor Praveenkumar Khethavath
    Computer Science

    Dr. Praveenkumar Khethavath is an Assistant Professor in LaGuardia’s Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science department. He received his Ph.D. degree. Read More.