LaGuardia Home to Work Center for Displaced Homemakers

The LaGuardia Home to Work Center for Displaced Homemakers is administered by the Workforce Education Center, a department of the Division of Adult and Continuing Education at LaGuardia Community College, a part of the City University of New York.

The term "displaced homemaker" means an individual who:

(a) has worked in the home, providing unpaid household services for family members;
(b) is not gainfully employed;
(c) has had, or would have difficulty in securing employment; and;
(d) has been dependent on the income of another family member but is not longer supported by such income, or has been dependent on federal assistance but is no longer eligible for such assistance, or is supported as the parent of minor children by government assistance or spousal support.

The LaGuardia Home to Work Center provides comprehensive orientation, assessment, individual and group counseling services, transition workshops, short term training, and job placement, referral and retention services to displaced homemakers who desire to enter the workplace in sustainable employment on an open entry/open exit basis.

The LaGuardia Home to Work Center provides the following core services and intensive services:

Core Services
Intensive Services
Outreach, Intake, and Orientation Eligibility Determination
Initial Assessment of skill levels, aptitudes Comprehensive Assessment
Job Readiness Workshops Career Counseling
Job Search and Placement Assistance Personal Development Workshops
  Computer and Retail/Sales Training
  Economic Self-Sufficiency Workshops


For more information about any program, please contact:
Displaced Homemakers Computer Training
Medical Office Administration/Billing & Coding


Workforce Education Center
Youth Programs Division
Room C314, LaGuardia Community College
Phone: 718-482-5340 Fax: 718-609-2071
"Workforce Education Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Programs"
and "Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities."

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