Sustainability In the Know: Meatless Mondays

Meatless1Sustainability encompasses many elements, principles and practices, including nutrition. A person can be sustainable by reducing the levels of energy and water they use, utilizing more public transportation, recycling aluminum foil, and even curbing the amount of meat in their diets. In an effort to promote sustainability and improve the health and eating habits of students, faculty and staff, the LaGuardia Sustainability Council is proud to announce that our dining services, MBJ, is now offering Meatless Monday specials in our cafeterias.

Sustainability In the Know: Green Week

Discover Your Green Side 

Greenweek11imagePlease join us as we expand our annual Earth Day Celebration to a three day Green Week event in 2011! From April 12 to 14, LaGuardia's Sustainability Council, in conjunction with local businesses, nonprofit organizations and College departments and programs, will be showcasing sustainable projects, promoting eco-friendly products and offering green workshops and outreach opportunities to the College community.

Sustainability In the Know


No Paper Trail

No Paper Trail In an effort to make the College more sustainable, IT has reduced the amount of paper printed in the Library and study hall by approximately 60%. The amount of printing being done in the Library has been a major concern with rising enrollment, with nearly 300,000 pages were being printed in the Library in any given month during the 12-week semester.


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