State of Wonder

Academic Year 2013 - 2014 Common Reading

The Amazon is a giant open canvas for the imagination. You feel like anything could happen there, and that’s a great place from which to tell a story.
--Ann Patchett

State of Wonder chronicles Dr. Marina Singh's journey into the Amazon rainforest to find out what happened to her missing friend and colleague, Anders Eckman. Her former teacher Dr. Swenson is also in the jungle, researching new possibilities for human reproduction—but, like the jungle itself, nothing is what it seems. The novel is part adventure yarn, part science fiction, and part voyage of self-discovery. The themes provide opportunities for rich classroom discussion, including the ethics of pharmaceutical companies, the role of the scientist, the future of human reproduction, and the relationship between "Western" society and indigenous groups.

Elizabeth McCormick and Demetrios Kapetanakos
Co-chairs of the 2013-2014 College-wide Common Reading Committee