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Esmeralda Santiago, When I Was Puerto Rican

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Below, you will find four maps that present historical and contemporary cartographic representations of Puerto Rico. The top two maps are of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico (1976). The lower two maps present views of Puerto Rico in 1898 and 1920. When you study When I Was Puerto Rican, you will want to know something about the geography and history of the country.

This map of the Caribbean comes from the Library at the University of Texas. This image gives you a clear idea of Puerto Rico's geographic relationship to other Caribbean islands and in relationship to the United States.

This map shows the island of Puerto Rico in 1976. It comes from the collection at the Library at the University of Texas. This map gives you an idea of what Puerto Rico looks like more recently. Note that neither Macún nor Santurce appear on the map.

This map of Puerto Rico, from 1898, comes from Library of Congress' collection. It was made by cartographer Eugenia A. Wheeler. 1898 is the year that Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States by Spain.

This map shows Puerto Rico in 1920. It comes from the collection at the Library at the University of Texas. It offers another historical perspective in Puerto Rican history and geography.

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