Study Abroad Application Process

South America: January 2013

Dear Students,

Below you will find all documents and instructions needed to apply for the South America Study Abroad Program slotted to depart in January of 2013.

Two trips each taking 12 students are planned for the Fall II semester 2012-13. One trip will concentrate on studying and traveling through Patagonia and the South. The other trip will concentrate on the Atacama Desert in the North. Both trips will spend time initially in one or two large South American cities to be determined by the end of the summer.

Application Deadline EXTENDED: September 15th 2012, 9pm.

Although the financial obligation of the student has not yet been calculated, there are many opportunities for scholarships and aid. It is possible that the trip can be fully funded with little or no cost to the participant depending upon your financial aid status and other factors.

This is a great opportunity to see the world, advance your critical thinking abilities and to improve your skills as a photographer at a fraction of the cost needed at other colleges and universities.

Remember you can't go unless you apply, so apply!!!

Good luck from your host professors,
Minerva Ahumada,
Hugo Fernandez,
and Scott Sternbach

Student Application Checklist
Code of Conduct Agreement
Application Form

Minerva Ahumada:
Hugo Fernandez:
Scott Sternbach:

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