Specialized Workshops

    Continuing Education for Deaf Adults 

    All courses are designed for Deaf students who communicate in American Sign Language and wish to have an opportunity for vocational training and personal enrichment.

    Please contact Pacts Cartagna for placement test. To find out about the start and end dates of these quarterly classes, visit. Please note that all course information is subject to change.

    • Driver (Learner's Permit) Education for Deaf Adults • Driver (Learner's Permit) Education for Deaf Adults

    This course is designed to enable Deaf adults to pass the Department of Motor Vehicles written examination. The instructor will make arrangements for students to take the examination. Students must be age 17 or older and possess a Social Security Card.

    • ASL Studies for Professionals • ASL Studies for Professionals

    Learn how to build and strengthen your American Sign Language foundations. This two-day workshop is for teachers, interpreters, social workers, therapists, health care and service providers who have a minimum of two years of ASL studies. You will review linguistic features of ASL and perform assessment activities for skill enhancement. Topics will include phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and language in use. Prerequisite: minimum 2 years ASL usage

    • Preparation for ASLTA Provisional Certificate • Preparation for ASLTA Provisional Certificate

    Prepare for the American Sign Language Teaching Association (ASLTA) Provisional Certificate through mentoring in a one-to-one or small-group setting. Receive guidance and support from an ASLTA certified instructor in assessing your teaching experience and gathering the information and materials required to prepare your ASLTA application. Prerequisite: Minimum of two years ASL teaching experience


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