• Individual Instruction

    For Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard-of-Hearing adults, receive one-to-one instruction in all your educational and professional development needs, such as preparation for exams; ASL for Deaf International Students; specific academic, linguistic or career needs; and American Citizenship preparation. An interview and diagnostic assessment of needs and goals may be given.  A customized program with dates will be arranged upon full payment for each segment (2-hour, 4-hour, 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour courses).

    Individualized instruction on specific topics for Hearing adults is also offered, including preparation for the ASLTA Provisional Certificate and ASL language development.

    Please contact Pacts Cartagna for placement test, registration and more information.

    Individual Instruction - 2 Hours 

      1 session/2 hours/$145 (non-refundable for diagnostic assessment)

    Individual Instruction - 12 Hours 

      6 sessions/12 hours/$955

    Individual Instruction - 24 Hours 

      12 sessions/24 hours/$1,855

    Individual Instruction - 36 Hours 

      18 sessions/36 hours/$2,755

    Prepare for the American Sign Language Teaching Association (ASLTA) Provisional Certificate through mentoring in a one-to-one or small-group setting. Receive guidance and support from an ASLTA certified instructor in assessing your teaching experience and gathering the information and materials required to prepare your ASLTA application. Prerequisite: Minimum of two years ASL teaching experience.

    Preparation for ASLTA Provisional Certificate - 2 hours 

      1 session/2 hours/$300

    Preparation for ASLTA Provisional Certificate - 4 hours 

      2 sessions/4 hours/$560


    Program for Deaf Adults
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