• Testing

       What kind of placement testing must I take?
       All students are required to take the CUNY/ACT Assessment Test in Reading,
       Writing and Mathematics for purposes of placement prior to registering for
       their first semester.
       However, you can be exempted from taking the CUNY/ACT TEST by any
       successful combination of the following criteria:

       * If you scored 480 or above on the verbal section of the Scholastic Aptitude
          Test (SAT) you will be exempt from the ACT/CUNY
          Reading Assessment Test, Writing Skills and Writing
       * If you scored 480 or above on the mathematics section of the SAT you will
          be exempt from the CUNY Math Test.

       For more information review “ACT Placement Tests” and “How to Prepare”
       under the 4th step of the admission process

       Can I request test accommodations when taking the CUNY Placement

       After you have been accepted to LaGuardia, you should contact the Program
       for Deaf Adults (PDA) Office to request testing accommodations for the
       CUNY Placement Tests.



    Program for Deaf Adults 

    Mailing Address:
    31-10 Thomson Avenue
    Room C-203
    Long Island City, NY 11101

    29-10 Thomson Avenue
    Long Island City, NY 11101

     (718) 482-5324 Voice
     (917) 832-1207 VP
     (718) 609-2069 Fax

         Sue Livingston, PhD
         Professor, Basic Skills
     (718) 482-5621
    thumb_email  slivings@lagcc.cuny.edu 

         Kim Lucas, MA
         Academic Advisor/Coordinator of Accommodation Support Servicea
     (917) 832-1203 VP
    thumb_email  kimluc@lagcc.cuny.edu 

         Jane Rizzuto, MBA
         Coordinator Interpreter
     (718) 482-5309 Voice
    thumb_email  jrizzuto@lagcc.cuny.edu