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       What are the responsibilities of a student who is Deaf and/or

       A student who is Deaf and/or Hard-of-Hearing is responsible for requesting
       academic accommodations through the Program for Deaf Adults (PDA).
       PDA will provide academic support services with an audiogram documentation
       of student’s hearing loss.

       Can I request accommodation for my child?
       All requests for academic accommodations must come directly from the

       Can I speak with my child’s counselor with regard to his or her

       According to Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the student
       would have to sign a release form to share information about his or her case
       with his or her parent/s or High School Guidance Counselor. Note: the release
       cannot be a blanket release for the student’s entire college career.

       Since the student is now in charge of his or her educational planning,
       what are some self-advocacy skills he or she should develop?

       PDA encourages parents and/or High School Guidance Counselors to work
       with student to develop self-advocacy skills by providing audiogram
       documentation to the PDA Academic Advisor and request accommodations.
       A student should learn to work collaboratively with PDA staff and professors to
       ensure his or her career success.

       Does a student have to inform LaGuardia that he or she has a hearing

       A student with hearing loss does not have to disclose his or her hearing
       disability to LaGuardia Community College. However, a student is required to
       bring the audiogram documentation to receive accommodation services.

       Is there a charge for receiving accommodations from the Program for
       Deaf Adults?

       There is no charge for receiving services from Program for Deaf Adults.

        US Department of Education:
    "Students with Disabilites Preparing for Postsecondary Education:
        Know Your Rights and Responsibilites"

    For further questions and concerns please call (917) 832-1203 or (718) 482-5324 to schedule a meeting with the Academic Advisor. 



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