Scrubbing in Maine


Balefully---adj. Harmful or malignant in intent.
Postprandial ---adj. Following any meal, especially dinner.
Glossolalia---n. The ability to speak in tongues
Soterological---n. The theological doctrine of salvation as effected by Christ
Oafish----adj. Characteristic of a stupid or clumsy person.
Petulant ----adj. Unreasonably irritable or ill tempered.
Prima facie----adv. At first sight; before closer inspection.
Comportment----n. Bearing, deportment, behavior.
Tchotche----n. A knickknack
Prurient----adj. Obsessively interested in improper matters, especially of a sexual nature.
Pummel ----tr. v. To beat
Fecklessness -----n. 1. Lacking purpose or vitality, feeble, ineffective 2. Careless, irresponsible.
Sanctified ----adj Made holy, dedicated to sacred use; consecrated.
Pariah ------n. A member of a low caste of agricultural and domestic workers in southern India or Burma. 2. A social outcast.
Banter----n. Good Humored Playful conversation.
Putative---adj. Generally regarded as such; supposed
Scabrous---adj. Having or covered with scales or small projections and rough to the touch.
Penitent---adj. Feeling or expressing remorse for one’s misdeeds or sins.
Elation---n. The state of being proud or joyful.
Wanly---adj. 1. Unnaturally pale, as from physical or emotional distress. 2. Suggestive or indicative of weariness, illness, or unhappiness.


  1. Research the cleaning industry. What percentage of the untaxed economy does it represent? What are the real names of the major cleaning companies throughout the nation? Are there companies that specialize in industrial cleaning?
  2. What jobs are available for “unskilled” labor for working with geriatrics? What are the different varieties of skilled labor for working with the elderly? What types of industries sell to the elderly? Can you see yourself specializing in a career with the elderly?
  3. What types of repetitive stress disorders afflict low-wage workers? What types of jobs expose workers to toxic chemicals? What jobs are the most dangerous or the dirtiest? Research the type of diseases associated with coal mining or chimney sweeping at the turn of the century.
  4. Read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and discuss working conditions in the meat packing plants of Chicago.
  5. Research the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. In what countries did it begin, and what have been some of its long-term effects. How has mechanization changed how factory work is done? How has it changed how war is waged?