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  1. Varicose----adj. Designated blood or lymph vessels that are abnormally dilated, knotted, and tortuous.
  2. Agape----adv. A state wonder or amazement often with mouth wide open.
  3. Solipsism----n. Philosophy The theory that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified.
  4. Offal---n. Waste parts especially of a butchered animal
  5. Votive---adj. Given or dedicated in fulfillment of a vow or pledge. A votive offering.
  6. Mephitic---n. An offensive smell.


  1. Barbara Ehrenreich does not defend her friend, George, who is accused of stealing. She compares her loss of courage to the behavior of prisoners of war who lose their ability to defend their rights and the rights of others. Write a paper discussing how the work place enforces conformity. What are your observations? Have you ever ignored another person’s plight at work just to keep from making waves?
  2. Write a research paper on immigration from Eastern Europe. Are many immigrants sponsored to come to this country? What barriers do these immigrants face when seeking employment, education, and citizenship?
  3. Write a research paper on the wages and benefits of a restaurant chain like Friendly’s or Howard Johnson’s. Compare wages and health care benefits. What are the weekly earnings of a full time waitress at one of these restaurants?