Serving in Florida

Discussion Questions

  1. Discuss the monthly meeting at the Hearthside with Phillip. What are the author’s expectations? What is the manager’s major complaint? How do the workers react?
  2. Do you think that those in low-wage employment “crossover” to the corporate point-of-view when they become managers? Do you think that management serves an important function in a low-wage world? Is there a way to manage well in the minimum wage world?
  3. In the book, Gail buys lunch for an out of work mechanic and Barbara buys his dessert. Do you think there is a considerable amount of “passing the hat” in the low wage working world?
  4. Barbara walks out on two jobs at this point in the story. What is your opinion of her for this action? Is she justified?
  5. What do you think about the author’s theory of unforeseen expenses? How do you manage unforeseen expenses? Name some of them.